Williams F1 designs ‘Babypod’ carrier

The Williams Group, best known for its Formula One racing team, have designed and manufactured The Babypod 20 in collaboration with Advanced Healthcare Technology.

“The hi-tech carbon fibre transport devices, which can withstand a 20 G-force crash, have been launched in Intensive Care Ambulances used at Great Ormond Street Hospital and run by the Children Acute Transport Service,” the company said in a statement.

The pod has been designed as a temperature regulated environment, while also offering a lightweight frame and easy mobility when compared to traditional, cumbersome incubators.

While no price has been announced, it will reportedly also be offered at a significantly reduced price of a standard transport incubator.

The parallels between a Formula One car and transport device for babies may not be immediately apparent, but both demand a lightweight and strong structure that keeps the occupant safe in the event of an accident, and can monitor vital signs whilst remaining easily transportable and accessible, said Craig Wilson, Managing Director of Williams Advanced Engineering.

“We have taken the existing Babypod product and worked with AHT to create a device that is not only more compact and user-friendly but, crucially, can be scaled up in its production so that more hospitals can benefit from this Formula One-inspired technology.”

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Williams F1 designs ‘Babypod’ carrier