This is the best time to buy or sell a house in South Africa

 ·26 Nov 2023

South Africa is currently in the warm – sometimes violently hot – summer months, which Harcourts South Africa says is the best time for both property buyers and sellers to make their move.

“Summer in South Africa is a remarkable season for real estate. The combination of longer daylight hours, beautiful weather, and a generally more relaxed atmosphere creates a favourable environment for both buyers and sellers,” Richard Gray, CEO of Harcourts South Africa, said.

Gray thus provided some of the best reasons for selling or buying a property in summer:

Curb Appeal

The summer months also allow a property to show its full potential, as lawns are lush, gardens are in bloom, and houses usually look their best.

Improved curb appeal can also massively boost a property’s attractiveness to potential buyers.

Easier House Hunting

Longer daylight hours allow buyers more time to view properties after work or on weekends.

This leads to higher attendance at open houses and property viewings.

Faster sales

Properties have historically sold faster in the summer months.

Buyers are more motivated, and the greater sense of urgency can hasten property transactions.

Outdoor Showings

Outdoor gatherings are also encouraged by the summer weather, making it a great time to show off outdoor spaces like patios, gardens and swimming pools.

Buyers can also clearly envision how they will use these outdoor spaces.

Family-Friendly Timing

Families with children often like to move during the summer break to lessen the disruptions during the child’s schooling, creating a larger pool of buyers.

Holiday Home Dreams

Many South Africans also dream of owning a vacation home, and the potential for summer vacations will push buyers to look for a second property during the warmer months.

Motivated Sellers

Sellers trying to close deals before the year-end will often price their properties competitively and be more willing to negotiate with potential buyers over terms.

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