Business Talk – In conversation with Sean Sanders, CEO and founder of Revix

Sean Sanders is the founder and chief executive officer at Revix, an intelligent investment management platform.

He is an expert in technology entrepreneurship, fintech, and portfolio management.

Revix aims to bring simplicity, trust, and great customer service to the crypto investment space by letting anyone create a diversified portfolio or bundle of the world’s top cryptocurrencies.

Sanders is a CFA Charterholder who comes from an investment background, having previously worked at Venture Capital firm Knife Capital, at Sabvest as a tech analyst, and at General Pacific Management Services as a portfolio manager.

Sanders has also founded three start-ups: Sataya, an event-driven proprietary trading firm; Blocktree Capital, a crypto-asset advisory firm; and Application Portal, a multi-purpose online university application system.

In this episode of Business Talk, Sanders talks host Michael Avery through the crypto clutter and explains how Revix is different from other digital exchanges in that it offers crypto bundles, much like the S&P 500 or the JSE Top40 Index.

“It’s not a fund, so you actually buy the cryptocurrencies, but you are getting diversified, low-cost exposure to the cryptocurrency asset class,” he says.

He believes that in the future, some of the up-and-coming cryptocurrencies will outperform those currently making waves in the market. Revix, he says, provides exposure to those new asset classes.

Sanders also runs through the peaks, troughs, and dips in the crypto space. He says that when you have a lot of leverage in the crypto market, as is the case currently, big swings see investors forcefully closed out of their hold positions – meaning they have to either buy or sell out of their holding state.

This exacerbates any swings in the market further, leading to more market volatility. He says that just traditional investing, people should take a long term view when it comes to this asset class.

The full interview is embedded below. You can find all the Business Talk with Michael Avery interviews here.

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Business Talk – In conversation with Sean Sanders, CEO and founder of Revix