Business Talk – BCX executive Jan Roux on digital workspace management

 ·31 Mar 2023

Jan Roux works at BCX, where he has been the portfolio executive for digital workspace management (DWM) since 2019.

In this role, Roux is responsible for growing the digital workspace business unit at BCX.

This includes high-level strategic planning, decision-making, and leadership of the DWM business unit.

Prior to joining BCX, Roux worked at Integr8IT as the MD for five years and as the CIO for six years, until the company was acquired by BCX.

During his 23 years in the industry, Roux has become known for his technical expertise, leadership skills, and deep understanding of industry and technology trends.

In this Business Talk interview, Roux meets with Michael Avery to discuss BCX’s digital workspace management.

Roux explains how the evolution of the digital workspace has changed the way ICT service providers look at traditional end-user support.

He discusses how BCX ensures efficient management of the digital workspace, and talks about the benefits of a higher employee net promoter score.

Finally, Roux gives his views on the future of the digital workspace environment.

You can watch the full interview with Jan Roux in the video below.

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