Telkom announces free ADSL speed upgrades

Telkom has on Friday (20 September) announced that it is upgrading the speed of its ADSL products at no additional cost, starting from November 2013.

Telkom’s wholesale division is planning to upgrade its Resell DSL Access offerings as follows:

  • ‘Up to 1 024 kbps will be migrated to ‘Up to 2 048 kbps;
  • ‘Up to 2 048 kbps will be migrated to ‘Up to 4 096 kbps;
  • ‘Up to 4 096/10 240 kbps will be migrated to  ‘Up to 10 240 kbps.

In future, the ‘Up to 4 096/10 240 kbps product offering will be split into two separate offerings i.e. ‘Up to 4 096 kbps and ‘Up to 10 240 kbps.

The migration to higher speeds will take place in a phased approach, the telco said, noting that due to a planned network freeze over the December 2013/January 2014 period the upgrade process will be paused and will resume thereafter.

“As part of the company’s extensive Network Transformation Programme, deploying our exchange infrastructure closer to businesses and residential customers – essentially shortening the local loop – means that we are in a position to increase the performance of ADSL lines,” said Casper Kondo Chihaka, Telkom’s managing executive of Wholesale Services.

“This will provide customers the ability to burst to potentially higher speeds subject to network conditions.

“We are confident that this enhanced value in terms of higher speeds and increased performance at the same price will go a long way in meeting the broadband demands of today,” Chihaka said.

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Telkom announces free ADSL speed upgrades