Quiz: is it art or is it junk?

Art is subjective – but your child’s fridge sketch probably won’t make it to a gallery, or pick up millions of dollars at auction any time soon.

Such is the subjective nature of art, that a painting by famous South African artist Irma Stern was used as a pin-board in a UK kitchen, before being found during a routine evaluation of the house.

The painting went on to auction for R17.5 million.

But art work doesn’t necessarily have to go on sale – sometimes it can just be. It can be created to ignite discussion, or to make people think. Sometimes, it can be something completely random pulled from the Internet to throw you off.

Can you tell which of the following is a real art piece, and which is a random image we just pulled from somewhere?

Take the quiz to find out.

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[WpProQuiz 26]

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Quiz: is it art or is it junk?