Why Malema said no to a coalition with the ANC and DA

EFF leader Julius Malema on Wednesday announced that the party would not be going into coalitions with any party.

“There is no deal between the ANC and EFF. There is no deal between EFF and DA,” Malema told reporters in Alexandra.

He said the party leadership had held numerous meetings with the two parties, but could not agree on certain terms.

Malema said they had put eight conditions on the table, but that the ANC could not meet them.

“We told them we were prepared to work with them if they could meet our demands,” he said.

The demands included: Taking their votes and using them to appropriate land without compensation; nationalisation of mines; free education immediately; removal of the Die Stem from the National anthem; eradication of e-tolls; no signing of the nuclear deal; and the removal of President Jacob Zuma as the head of state.

Malema said the ANC had welcomed the input, but had asked for time to meet its collective.

“On all issues, they were not committed. They said there was no nuclear deal at the moment and therefore they couldn’t discuss an issue that was not there,” said Malema.

Malema said the DA also could not meet their demands. He said the DA had said it did not have powers to expropriate land.

He said they also had asked the DA to support them in removing Die Stem, and not to change the name of Tshwane.

“There is no deal with the DA,” he said.

Despite not going into coalitions, Malema said the party would however be voting for the IFP in the hung municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal, Forum for Service Delivery in the North West, and the DA in Tshwane, Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni.


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Why Malema said no to a coalition with the ANC and DA