A look at Pick n Pay’s major new supermarket brand: QualiSave

 ·15 Aug 2022

Retailer Pick n Pay on Monday (15 August), launched a major new supermarket brand: Pick n Pay QualiSave, aimed at middle-market shoppers.

The group initially said in May that it would re-organise its stores into two brands – Pick n Pay, serving more-affluent customers, and a new brand – provisionally named “Pick n Pay Red”, now revealed to be QualiSave – to focus on customers in the growing middle market by providing lower prices

Pick n Pay QualiSave stores will offer customers a range of 8,000 products, with an emphasis on unbeatable meat, fresh produce and bakery, as well as a keen focus on essential commodities, the group said, adding that around 40% of Pick n Pay company-owned supermarkets will be converted to Pick n Pay QualiSave.

“Pick n Pay QualiSave perfectly describes exactly what these stores will offer – exceptional prices for quality goods alongside a high-quality shopping experience,” said Pick n Pay Group CEO, Pieter Boone.

“We have done an enormous amount of research to understand exactly what customers want and need. We concluded that we could not successfully meet the needs of all our customers with just one Pick n Pay brand. Freshness, value for money and customer service were non-negotiable demands across all customers, but they wanted their favourite stores to be better tailored to their specific needs.

“Through Pick n Pay QualiSave, we are focusing on what a growing number of customers want in the important middle market while remaining entirely true to the Pick n Pay brand and values. Customers in Pick n Pay QualiSave stores will benefit from great fresh products, an excellent commodity offer, attractive special offers, a great store ambience, and friendly and helpful staff.”

Pick n Pay QualiSave’s tagline: ‘Where lower prices look better’.

Boone said that the announcement places the group in a stronger position to serve shoppers better across its now three banners – Boxer for aspirational customers with tight budgets, Pick n Pay QualiSave for the growing middle market and Pick n Pay at the higher-end.

“Alongside Boxer, our two Pick n Pay brands now perfectly enable us to deliver the right products, at the right prices, to the right customers. And, above all, everyone remains welcome at our stores – whichever store they shop at.”

Stores to be rebranded Pick n Pay QualiSave around the country have been identified through careful consumer modelling, the group said.

From September 2022, Pick n Pay QualiSave stores will have the new brand name and will over time be revamped to make them easily distinguishable from Pick n Pay stores, the group said. The approach will include a new store layout, distinctive in-store signage, and product selection specifically aimed at the growing middle market shopper base.

Six Pick n Pay QualiSave stores and four Pick n Pay stores have already been revamped over the last three months and have yielded positive trading results, the retailer said.

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