Watch: New Lexus hoverboard test video

Lexus has released a new video showing off its hoverboard technology, which has been in development for nearly two years.

The video is the second in a series that includes professional skateboarder Ross McGouran talking about the board, having tested it.

“There is no friction underneath you at all…this is actually floating on air,”  McGouran says of the board.

Part of its “Amazing in Motion” projects, Lexus said its SLIDE hoverboard uses a combination of liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets.

The car maker also said the hoverboard features the Lexus spindle grille “signature shape”, and uses the kind of materials found in its cars – from the high tech, to bamboo on the top of the board.

“The Lexus hoverboard represents true engineering innovation and over the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you updates on the progress of this extraordinary project,” it said.

According to Engadget, the superconductors Lexus is using in its hoverboard will only cause the machine to lift off surfaces that are magnetic – so it is unlikely to work at a concrete skate park.

Engineers in Northern California, operating under the company Hendo, have also been developing a hoverboard which levitates across conductive surfaces.

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Watch: New Lexus hoverboard test video