Alarming number of South Africans bribe the police

 ·11 Aug 2015

A new poll conducted by BusinessTech finds that an alarming number of South Africans have bribed  a police officer.

When questioned: Have you ever bribed a police officer? Respondents answered:

No (71%, 700 Votes)

Yes (29%, 286 Votes)

According to a 2015 anti-bribery and corruption survey conducted by law firm ENSafrica, incidents of bribery have increased in Africa, with South Africa, Nigeria and six other countries cited as “corruption hot spots”.

Video footage emerged in SA, showing Greg Esterhuysen rejecting an attempted bribe solicitation by a JMPD officer on Christmas day 2014, which led to his subsequent arrest.

The video footage, captured by Esterhuysen, and posted on YouTube, went viral in January 2015.

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