True or false: Is South Africa as bad we think?

It’s easy to feel down about how things stand in South Africa, with reports pointing to a severely troubled labour market, high levels of corruption and an uncertain economic future.

It’s so easy to fall prey to this negative image of the country that it has become difficult to tell how bad things really are versus something we may have read in an unsubstantiated post on social media.

Over the past year, a list of South African ‘achievements’ went viral on Facebook and Twitter, claiming that, since the dawn of democracy, the country has claimed dubious titles such as the rape capital of the world.

Has South Africa seen unemployment skyrocket by 60%? Do we have more convicted criminals in parliament than any other nation? Are we the most violent country with the most uneducated people?

Some claims you’ve read are true – and others, definitely not so. Can you tell which ones are which?

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[WpProQuiz 21]

These claims, and more, have been investigated, substantiated or debunked by, and News24.

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True or false: Is South Africa as bad we think?