Quiz: How well do you know South Africa’s burgers?

The hamburger – a famous fast food item that dates back as far as the the late 19th century (according to some) – is one of the world’s most favoured meals.

Burgers in their simplest forms are traditionally sandwiches that have cooked minced meat nestled between two buns; but over the years people have slapped various fillings onto their creations, and replaced the meaty filling with many alternatives.

More recently, followers of certain dietary trends have even gone to remove the buns and replaced them with…less traditional alternatives, while keeping the “burger” moniker.

We have previously identified which fast food meals in South Africa pack the biggest punch in terms of kilojoules – and its unsurprising that burgers make their presence felt.

But despite that information, we all love a good burger now and again – and most of South African fast food joins and restaurants offer a burger product to fill that gap.

Can you tell where each of these burgers come from?

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Quiz: How well do you know South Africa’s burgers?