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Cape Town properties lose R1.2 million in value after complex renovations block beach view

Cape Town properties lose R1.2 million in value after complex renovations block beach view

Owners of properties in a free-standing housing complex in Blaauwberg, Western Cape are undergoing a lengthy legal battle after renovations made to some properties in the complex lowered the prices of some of the other properties by as much as R1.2 million.

According to a report by Tabletalk, two of the newest homeowners in the front row of the Mill Row complex had plans approved by council to extend the house’s vertical height.

As a result of these new extensions, properties behind the home under renovation have lost their full view of the Table Mountain, and the Blaauwberg beachfront.

One of the owners of the homes which have lost their view, Ms Burger, said that the properties values have dropped through the floor.

She noted that she had her property evaluated in 2014 at a price of R6 million. However following the changes made to the house obstructing her view, the valuation had dropped to R4.8 million.

“It may be legally correct but is it right?” asked Burger.

“When the homeowners within your complex fight all the way to the high court and the majority show their opposition, I personally feel it is incredibly selfish and inconsiderate to continue regardless.”

The case is currently ongoing.

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  • SpiritOfNehanda

    Don’t buy or build a property for the views that still has lots of land or space in front of it. It won’t last long. My shack used to have a nice view of the veld until they built a mall there. Couldn’t sue…

    • dubbelodub

      Hectic comment

    • Amber Olaleye

      Best comment ever. Cleverly putting this hoohaa into perspective. And we can ask what she paid for it..

  • Cheesy 3.0

    Tough luck there.

  • NosySnoopy


    • Marlo Golding

      #WhitePeoplesProblems is what you wanted to say, right? :p

  • Wollie Verstege

    If it is a complex, as I understand it, the HOA, ST Scheme must give permission as well for any changes. A document must be submitted with the plans when this done.

    So if the majority of owners were opposed to these changes, why did the HOA/ST give permission?

    • Teresa Williams

      Agreed – they should consider suing their own trustees as well. Trustees are supposed to act objectively in the interests of all owners.

  • 0xbeef

    I have a full view of Table Mountain, the only problem is my icons keep blocking the view now and then. argh!

  • Tau’ri

    Who has the most money wins. Simple as that.

  • Luna Moon

    sue them!!

  • Khalsa S

    Poor babies…… 1st world problems in the 3rd world.
    Look at Germany and the Netherlands with no natural wonders to look at other than the few remaining hot chicks not r8ped by Merkel’s new pets. Blocking the view of a sewage canal lowers the value of EU homes.

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