Cheapest airline ticket prices: South Africa vs the world

Flight website has released its second annual Flight Price Index, showing which countries in the world offer the most affordable flights as measured per 100km of travel.

In the 2017 ranking, South Africa placed 11th overall, having moved down from 7th position in 2016.

According to the index, the average cost per 100km of air travel in South Africa costs US$7.25 (R94.20), with short-haul (domestic) flights coming in at US$6.71 (R87.20) per 100km, and US$7.78 (R101.10) for long-haul flights.

This is compared to the cheapest flights in the world, in Malaysia, where the average is at US$4.18 per 100km. Bulgaria is ranked second at US$4.65 per 100km, followed by India at US$4.65 per 100km.

While South Africa has dropped down the rankings, the average price per 100km is actually down from 2016, where it was US$7.33.

The index takes into account short-haul and long-haul flights from 80 of the world’s most frequently visited countries and cities, calculating an average ticket cost per 100 km of travel, using high and low season flight costs for over a million journeys.

The research includes a clear split between low cost and full service airlines to arrive at a conclusive country to country price index.

“Airline ticket prices use some of the most complex pricing algorithms and yield management systems in the world. Hundreds of additional factors, including oil prices, political turmoil, airline competition and even the weather can have a huge impact on the cost of your ticket,” the group said.

It said that year on year changes can partly be attributed to fuel prices, sociopolitical shifts such as Brexit, recent elections and fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.

“The UK, for example, is seeing a larger number of Americans visit due to the weakening of the pound, whereas Egypt and Turkey saw a drop in ticket prices due to a decrease in demand due to regional turmoil.

“By tracking flight cost by country, travellers have more information with which to choose destinations that allow them to travel further on their budget. Travellers know what their ideal route, timing and price is, so we give them the tools to fulfill that.”

These are the top 15 countries in the world for cheapest flights.

Country Short haul
Short haul
full service
Long haul
Long haul
full service
Average cost per 100km
Malaysia $3.59 $5.42 $1.81 $5.90 $4.18
Bulgaria $3.18 $9.68 $1.94 $3.82 $4.65
India $3.88 $4.25 $5.18 $6.51 $4.96
Turkey $4.35 $7.03 $2.81 $10.91 $6.28
Romania $3.04 $13.81 $2.65 $6.34 $6.46
Indonesia $4.17 $4.47 $6.18 $11.13 $6.49
Portugal $3.96 $15.43 $2.61 $3.98 $6.50
Thailand $4.01 $8.23 $4.55 $10.17 $6.74
Sweden $7.40 $15.90 $1.31 $3.22 $6.96
Spain $8.62 $13.79 $1.72 $4.21 $7.08
South Africa $6.71 $6.71 $7.78 $7.78 $7.25
Moldova $3.54 $4.40 $10.78 $10.78 $7.37
Japan $9.36 $9.63 $3.17 $8.14 $7.57
Russia $6.53 $9.45 $6.99 $7.42 $7.60
Poland $11.23 $11.23 $2.25 $6.31 $7.75

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Cheapest airline ticket prices: South Africa vs the world