Billionaire to build ‘the Lanseria airport of Cape Town’

 ·8 Mar 2021

South African billionaire Rob Hersov says that he plans to build a new world-class airport just north of Cape Town.

In an interview with BizNews, Hersov said that he has purchased the Fisantekraal Airport, which currently has four runways, just 13km away from Durbanville.

“We want to build the Lanseria Airport of Cape Town. We’re renaming it Cape Winelands Airport,” he said.

Fisantekraal Airport was built on a 150-hectare site by the South African Air Force in 1943 to operate Lockheed Ventura bombers, MyBroadband reported.

The airfield was transferred to the local municipality in the sixties and was sold to a private owner in 1993. It then changed hands again last year.

Of the four original runways, two remain operational while the other two are used as Hollywood favourites for movie and film production.

Hersov is the chairman and chief executive of Invest Africa – a platform that evangelises Africa with members in New York, Washington, London, Dubai, Geneva, and Johannesburg.

Hersov has worked with numerous successful businessmen, including media mogul Rupert Murdoch and South African billionaire Johann Rupert.

He is also a successful international entrepreneur in his own right. He has, among other things, built a successful private jet business which he sold to Warren Buffett.

After 31 years abroad he has returned to South Africa where he is now focused on investments in Africa.

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