24 jobs in South Africa that pay over R2 million a year

Specialist recruitment firm Michael Page has published its latest salary guide, showing what skilled professionals in South Africa can expect to earn in 2022.

Although South Africa has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world, the Michael Page Group said it experienced a sharp increase in recruitment assignments in 2021 compared to the previous year.

This was particularly notable for mid to senior management level positions during the first quarter of the year, and this pace continued throughout the year.

“This would indicate that businesses are in need of strong leadership and skilled candidates with considerable experience to drive business recovery during these challenging and uncertain times,” said Paul Newman, operating director for PageGroup South Africa.

“Almost all the industries and sectors showed a positive trend in terms of hiring activity, however, the Healthcare and Technology sectors have been the most active and we anticipate for it to continue in the medium term,” he said, adding that hiring in engineering, manufacturing and mining has also demonstrated momentum.

The has not come without significant changes, however, with Newman highlighting sentiment among job applicants in South Africa looking to fulfil their tasks or responsibilities remotely, highlighting the need for technology capabilities to be accelerated.

“What started as an enforced work-from-home policy for some companies has now evolved into a long-term strategy for most companies, thereby accelerating digital transformation and technology adoption across nearly all industries,” he said.

“With organisations realising that working from home can be productive and is a true solution, we have noticed a sharp increase in global organisations sourcing scarce talent to be based anywhere across the world, this is particularly true within the Technology sector where there is a real skills shortage in South Africa.”

Top earners

The top earners – according to Michael Page’s data – are group/regional CFOs at finance companies who can expect to earn up to R5 million a year, with the average salary at R4 million a year.

By comparison, finance directors in these companies can expect to earn up to R3.5 million a year, averaging R3 million.

Other top-paying positions can be found working in supply chain, where a VP can earn as much as R3.8 million a year, as well as sales and marketing jobs, where top salaries go as high as R2.8 million.

It is important to note that while salary data is very comprehensive, it is primarily focused on professionals.

This means that certain sectors such as airline pilots, engineers, medical personnel and government officials do not feature in the report.

# Job name Sector Annual salary
1 Group/Regional CFO Finance & Accounting R5 000 000
2 VP of Supply chain Supply Chain & Logistics R3 800 000
3 Finance Director Finance & Accounting R3 500 000
4 Chief Information Officer Technology R3 000 000
5 Chief Marketing Officer Sales & Marketing R2 800 000
6 General manager (B2B) Sales & Marketing R2 800 000
7 Supply Chain/Logistics Director Supply Chain & Logistics R2 800 000
8 VP of Procurement Procurement R2 800 000
9 Group Tax Director Finance & Accounting R2 700 000
10 VP of Sales Sales & Marketing R2 700 000
11 General manager (B2C) Sales & Marketing R2 600 000
12 Head of marketing / Marketing director Sales & Marketing R2 500 000
13 Chief Information Security Officer Technology R2 400 000
14 Chief Audit Officer Finance & Accounting R2 400 000
15 Country Manager Sales & Marketing R2 400 000
16 Manufacturing Director Engineering & Manufacturing R2 300 000
17 Chief Technology Officer Technology R2 200 000
18 Tax Director Finance & Accounting R2 200 000
19 Procurement Director Procurement R2 200 000
20 Project Director Engineering & Manufacturing R2 000 000
21 IT Director Technology R2 000 000
22 Chief Enterprise Architect Technology R2 000 000
23 Head of Software Development Technology R2 000 000
24 Head of Sales/Sales Director Sales & Marketing R2 000 000

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24 jobs in South Africa that pay over R2 million a year