How much South Africans spend and tip on delivered groceries – Checkers Sixty60 vs Woolies Dash vs PnP Asap

 ·23 Apr 2022

As many as 19% of South African shoppers used grocery delivery services more than 10 times in the final quarter of 2021, says Simon Anderssen, head of 22seven Insights.

“Before Covid, we would have thought it ludicrous to order a bag of groceries to be delivered by motorbike, but now we do it without a second thought,” said Anderssen.

“In the last three months of 2021, on-demand delivery services accounted for more than 6% of all 22seven user spending at South Africa’s major supermarkets.”

The median transaction value for an on-demand order across the services tested – Checkers Sixty60, Woolies Dash and PnP Asap – in the fourth quarter of 2021 was R484.

According to Anderssen, despite Checkers dominating overall spending, Woolworths had the highest median transaction value due to its premium pricing, whereas Sixty60 and Asap target a similar income group.

Here is how much was spent on average across all three major delivery platforms:

22seven data shows that since on-demand shopping has surged alongside the food courier industry, roughly half (45%) of people who order groceries tip delivery couriers. The people who do tip, give on average between R10 and R14.

Checkers Sixty60

The timing of Checkers’ delivery service Sixty60’s launch at the beginning of South Africa’s successive lockdowns aided its gain of significant market share, said Anderssen.

The service has held onto the market share and continued to grow as many factors including superior brand awareness, the efficiency of the app and its areas of services encourage use.

Sixty60 made up 75% of all on-demand grocery delivery spend in the final quarter of 2021:

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