Online FinTech Conference 2022 – Nedbank executive Chipo Mushwana on a cashless society in South Africa

 ·21 Jul 2022

Chipo Mushwana is the executive of emerging innovation at Nedbank, a position she has held since August 2018.

Mushwana previously worked as a senior project manager at Aqua in 2012, and later joined AlphaCode as its head of ecosystem development and strategy.

She is passionate about supporting entrepreneurship in Africa and building scalable, innovative payment offerings.

In her current executive position at Nedbank, Mushwana leads the emerging payments and innovation team which is responsible for delivering technologies like ShiftPos, Tap on Phone, Money Message, and more.

In this conference session, Mushwana meets with Michael Avery to discuss the reality of a cashless society in South Africa.

They discuss the impact of digitalisation on Africa’s economic development, and Mushwana highlights the latest trends and technologies driving payments on the continent.

Mushwana also discusses the significant advantages and challenges of going cashless in Africa.

She then talks about how payment trends in South Africa stack up against the rest of the world and highlights the impact of the pandemic on the shift towards contactless payments.

Finally, Mushwana explains that a cashless South Africa would need to cater to transactions in situations where cash is still currently the dominant method – like paying car guards.

The full session with Nedbank emerging innovation and payments executive Chipo Mushwana is embedded below.

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