Project Isizwe appoints new CEO as it targets ‘free Wi-Fi as a basic human right’

Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) Project Isizwe has appointed Dudu Mkhwanazi as its new CEO.

The 26-year-old CEO promised to continue Project Isizwe’s role as Africa’s most successful, large-scale Free Wi-Fi network and said that she was deeply committed to enabling social justice and empowering South Africans through free access to the internet.

Mkhwanazi, a self-proclaimed “activist” for free Wi-Fi, also said that she would continue the push for Wi-Fi as a basic human right in the country.

“Internet access is a tool to empower those in low socioeconomic ranks,” she said.

“When the government heeds the call to make internet access a basic human right akin to water and electricity in South Africa, it will be more than a progressive pioneering policy, it will be a selfless act to bridge digital, economic and social divides.”

Project Isizwe has come under scrutiny in recent months, with the City of Tshwane stating it would no longer guarantee its free Wi-Fi project to the NPO, but would instead put the maintenance and roll-out of Tshwane’s free Wi-Fi project, TshWi-Fi, out to tender.

News of the tender process comes after the Auditor General red-flagged the R180 million spent on Tshwane’s free Wi-Fi network as “unlawful and irregular expenditure”.

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Project Isizwe appoints new CEO as it targets ‘free Wi-Fi as a basic human right’