Business Talk – In conversation with Audrey Mothupi, CEO of Systemic Logic

Audrey Mothupi is the chief executive officer of the SystemicLogic Group, a global financial innovation, data, and technology company.

Her experience spans various business domains including group strategy, talent design, marketing, and communications strategy, integrated with strong corporate relationship management.

With her extensive market knowledge, Mothupi passionately champions the SystemicLogic business model to deliver solutions that are tailored to the needs of clients, specific to their respective operating environments.

In this episode of Business Talk, Mothupi says that Covid-19 has really brought us all back in touch with the things that really matter. She says that while growth in technology has been accelerated over the course of the pandemic, it’s the speed of execution brought on by the people within an organisation – and leadership – that is the difference-maker.

Mothupi runs Michael through how companies can survive and advance in the current environment from a leadership point of view. She highlights how many companies have been forced online, disrupting their traditional business practice, forcing them to showcase their products differently.

“There is nothing like a real crisis to remind us that change is certain, so for small businesses, the certainty of change, the process of looking at things differently and bringing in new processes and new products, of innovating is going to be less stressful and easier to integrate,” says Mothupi.

“So what we consider to be a traditional way of working will shift because our mindset as leaders, our mindset as business owners has now been confirmed, affirmed, and strengthened through the resilient processes that we went through. I am excited to see what comes three years from now.”

The full interview is embedded below. You can find all the Business Talk with Michael Avery interviews here.

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Business Talk – In conversation with Audrey Mothupi, CEO of Systemic Logic