Helping business flow – Simon Ward explains how Floatpays helps South Africans overcome financial challenges

 ·15 Aug 2022

Simon Ward is the CEO of Floatpays, which he founded in 2019 to help South African employees move out of bad debt cycles and into a savings culture.

Floatpays educates employees on financial matters, supports them with financial planning, and removes the need for any employee to go into debt when mid-pay cycle liquidity becomes a problem.

Floatpays’ offerings align with Ward’s passion for disrupting existing markets to improve people’s lives.

He previously worked in CTO positions for disruptive companies like Moonpig, PhotoBox, and Prodigy Finance.

In this interview from the Helping business flow series, Ward discusses Floatpays and the financial services it offers to South Africans.

He explains why he founded Floatpays and unpacks the services it offers, such as on-demand earned wage access.

Ward then highlights the biggest financial challenges that South African employees face and details how Floatpays can help.

He also tells us what South Africans have to say about the state of their work environments according to the new Floatpays “State of Employee Wellbeing Barometer” report.

Finally, Ward explains how listeners can get in touch with Floatpays to find out more about financial planning.

The full Helping business flow interview with Floatpays CEO and Founder Simon Ward is embedded below.

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