Business Talk – Monocle CEO David Buckham discusses his new book, The Age of Menace

 ·24 Nov 2022

David Buckham is the founder and CEO of Monocle Solutions.

Prior to founding Monocle, he worked at ADvTECH as an account manager and content development specialist, at PSG Asset Management as a solutions specialist, and at the SAS Institute as the Head of Risk Management.

Buckham is also a passionate writer who has authored several journals, opinion pieces, and books.

In this episode of Business Talk, David Buckham discusses his latest book – The Age of Menace.

He talks about what inspired him to write The Age of Menace and the main messages he wanted to convey to the readers.

Buckham then discusses how predictions made in his book regarding crypto have already been proven correct – especially regarding the irritational aspects of the market.

He also touches on the backlash he received for his predictions and how far society has progressed in terms of overcoming the intolerance that has historically prevented debate and conversation.

You can watch the full interview with David Buckham below.

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