High number of SA job applicants are hiding a criminal record

A new report warns against a proportionately high number of fraudulent CVs in the job market in South Africa.

Background screening company EMPS said that, for a second consecutive year, the results of its report show that 11.8% of applicants checked have a confirmed criminal record.

Further to this, 21% of those with a criminal record have a theft related conviction; over 35% have more than one criminal record; and over 16% have three or more records.

A fraction (1%) of applicants checked in 2015 were listed on the SA Fraud Prevention Service Database.  This database is a listing of frauds committed that are generally not prosecuted criminally (application/ CV/ qualification fraud, credit card fraud, credit application fraud, insurance fraud and identity fraud).

Despite the credit amnesty granted to all South Africans in 2014, in an effort to help job applicants increase their chances of getting into the job market, there were still 15% of job applicants with a negative credit listing in 2015, the report found.

One in a hundred ID documents screened were either never issued by Home Affairs or were that of a deceased person, EMPS said.

Of all the qualifications that were submitted for verification in 2015, 15.7% could not be verified. Of these unverified qualifications, 3.48% were confirmed to be fraudulent.

The most prevalent fraud occurring with matric certificates, professional association memberships and trade certificates, EMPS said.

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High number of SA job applicants are hiding a criminal record