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When Starbucks will launch in South Africa

When Starbucks will launch in South Africa

A marketing team appointed to handle FairTrade South Africa, has revealed when Starbucks is going to launch in South Africa – May 2016.

Cape Town-based public relations and social media agency, go4word, has been appointed by ethical certification group FairTrade South Africa as its PR agency for 2016.

Fairtrade promotes equality and sustainability in the farming sector, and certifies hundreds of companies in ethical trading. Go4word was hired to handle consumer campaigns for the group in 2016.

In announcing the appointment, the agency revealed its plans for the year, which included the following:

Providing value-added PR support to existing Fairtrade brands will remain the core consumer focus for Fairtrade in 2016.

Further consumer campaigns will include the annual flagship campaign, Fairtrade Fornight; the launch of Starbucks in South Africa in May; Cadbury Diary Milk’s Fifth Fairtrade birthday in July; International Coffee Day in September; and Fairtrade wine month in November.

A spokesperson for Starbucks in South Africa said that the brand’s launch window was still set to “the first half of 2016”, with dates still to be confirmed.

A May launch date fits within this window, however.

Taste announced in July 2015 that it had secured the rights to open full-format Starbucks stores in South Africa.

According to Taste, following the grand opening, 12 to 15 more stores will open over the next two years at a cost of R108 million.

The group expects future store growth of 20 outlets per year.

Taste’s research into the market opportunity for the brand – taking costs into account – is for 150 to 200 stores in South Africa.

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  • Archerbald

    Starbucks….Krispy Kreme…Dinky Dougnuts…

    Yep – the low rand, artificially devalued, to make way for their own franchise investments.

    • Joe Soap

      Burger King….

  • Ofentse Letsholo

    Should we rejoice?! I don’t know that’s why I’m asking.

    • DeepFriedBunny

      Every morning in NYC I had a lovely cup of coffee from them at 7am.. Greeted by teens using laptops, charging phones and using the internet…if they can create the same atmosphere it will be awesome but please take note that I work..I earn…I Can afford the R40 coffee lol daily, others might find it a little expensive but arent all these café coffee places pricy as well?

      Basically…an amazing thing to treat yourself to so it cant be bad

      • Ofentse Letsholo

        Well I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it will work out, plus it will boost the economy, help on crushing unemployment. Only time will tell how much of a success this will be and this could also help shape up our SA cafés as it will be competition 🙂

        • DeepFriedBunny

          Seattle coffee company has hit our country, go try their Seattle freeze…man its the same quality as Starbucks and a great way to start the morning, I have a 24/7 obe down the road from me, its about 30 bucks.

          • Ofentse Letsholo

            Yeah I’ll try it out. 🙂

  • Leon Cornelius

    Didn’t know Starbucks supported fair trade…

    • Nicolas Whipp

      They aren’t – They green wash their consumers like hell because it looks good for a company to perceive to be “fair trade”. They have their own fair-trade standards through C.A.F.E (Coffee and Farmer Equity) which is regulated and implemented by Starbucks themselves, which isn’t exactly beneficial since its room for bias and abuse. They have control over the entire “fair-trade” process, and it looks brilliant on paper, but terrible for farmers who are “supposably” on the program but have been long forgotten and its back ti abusive business by StarBucks. Thus, it bothers me that FairTrade South Africa has partnered with such a corporation who genuinely doesn’t care about the little guy, and supposed to look out for exploitation.

  • Why? Why can’t we support South African brands, or create new ones?

    • Telkom Sucks

      Why can’t we have Starbucks? If local companies feel threatened, maybe they should step up their game. No one is keeping South African companies from making a success internationally. They’re free to open branches all over the world. The fact is that they haven’t thought of a unique brand or product that would set them apart. Imagine an African themed coffee shop? It would do crazy well in the States or Europe.

      • Nicolas Whipp

        A brand like Starbucks is so well established, known nearly as well as Coca-Cola in most regions, its actually threatening regardless if we are talking about Vida E Caffe, or any other local franchise. The coffee industry is also incredibly saturated in the UK (Abroad too) with Pret A Manger, Starbucks, Costa, Coffee Republic and other smaller coffee producing cafes, so you’ll have to really innovate, have high amounts of capital, and research till death to position your brand for differentiation and that level “niche” you’ll need. Furthermore, you cannot just assume an “African-themed” coffee shop will do “crazy well” in Europe or the States just because it is from Africa, being difference and something new, but I see where you are getting at and it could possibly be a success.

        Seattle Coffee Co. is actually doing very well in South Africa, and offering StarBuck like coffees with their syrups, coffee sizes and wider variations in coffee blends than any other major coffee franchise I know of locally. They

        • Telkom Sucks

          I can see you have a strong marketing background.^^ There are South African brands that have done well for eg. Nandos. I think the most difficult problem in South Africa is the lack of seed funding. We have no funding initiatives to the degree that’s available in the US. Even less is the amount of people who know how to go from an entrepreneur to a publicly trading company. We need to cultivate a entrepreneurial culture in South Africa. Most are too content to work for an employer to start their own business. You can’t create jobs. You create businesses.

      • That’s just what I’m saying… “The fact is that they haven’t thought of a unique brand or product that would set them apart.” You said it! I’m just tired of constantly consuming eveyrthing American. I think South Africans can do better… But will they?

    • Xileer

      Where in South Africa can you order a coffee with exactly 300ml Full Cream Milk heated to exactly 49’C, then stirred into the coffee, then an additional 100ml chilled Low Fat Milk added whilst the cup is being stirred counter-clockwise?

      Probably nowhere.

      Starbucks exists for orders that many people would consider insane because some people like to be different.

      • Oh yeah, fair enough! I’m just sour because South Africans haven’t got a successful francise like Starbucks.

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    • Telkom Sucks

      Die please.

  • Telkom Sucks

    We need Starbucks lounge coffee shops with comfortable sofas, a bookstore and free wifi in South Africa. Starbucks does coffee really well.

    • Mark Widdicombe

      I predict Starbucks will fail here just as it did in Australia. There are already fine cafes in every mall in the country, and South Africans are not going to be willing to pay double price for a cup of coffee just bcause the cafe has a couple of sofas in it.

  • hernan cortez

    So they buy our coffee, from our farmers, and sell it at a jacked up price, back to South Africans, and send that money back to America? Seriously? Why don’t we sell our own coffee to ourselves, or America?

  • Dale

    R7M a coffee shop? What’s the ROI?

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