These are the best degrees to study to make the most money in South Africa

 ·9 Oct 2017

Data from CareerJunction provides an indication of how much one can expect to to earn in 10 major sectors across the country, including the the types of jobs that attract the best salary.

Based on its comprehensive jobs data BusinessTech looked at the jobs that pay the highest salaries, while also looking at the types of degrees required to get into that specific profession.

CareerJunction’s data showed that most of the top-paying jobs are in the engineering sector, where a senior civil and structural engineer earns an average salary of R70,300 a month (or just over R843,610) a year.

Aside from engineers, other top-paying positions are commonly found in finance and ICT sectors, as well as within the medical field.

The group’s data is in line with a post by which found the following titles to be among the best paid: architects (Bachelor of Architectural Studies is a 3-year degree); software engineer; accountant; petroleum engineers; and computer and information systems managers.

Additional high paying jobs as cited by and not covered by CareerJunction include lawyers, specialist doctors, air traffic controllers, and airline pilots.

To become a lawyer, a Bachelor of Arts, BCom or other undergraduate degree is required.

On successful completion of the degree, students who wish to further their knowledge of law may apply for the 2-year LLB programme.

To become a pilot for an airline, you need to first complete a private pilot licence (PPL) before getting a commercial pilot’s licence (CPL) combined with an Instrument Rating. Following hours of flight time, you then go on to get an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATP), according to FlySaFair.

If you want to be an air traffic controller in South Africa you will need to complete training at the Aviation Training Academy, according to JobMail. Training is offered by the Air Traffic and Navigation Services. You will need to spend four to six years training before you are awarded a full qualification.

For doctors, while the average general practitioner earns about R476,000 per year, this figure skyrockets as you specialise, the recruitment site said. CareerJunction’s data showed that a senior GP can earn as much as R732,000 a year.

It should be noted that the salaries below are based on those of skilled professionals, and exclude senior and management positions.

There are the 15 top paying jobs, according to CareerJunction and degrees which are advisable:

Job Degree Average monthly salary Average annual salary
Civil/Structural Engineer Four-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Civil Engineering R70 301 R843 612
Corporate Lending  BCom (Finance) or Honours in Finance R69 632 R835 584
Technical and Business Architect A BSc in IT or Computer Science is advised R66 558 R798 696
Chartered Accountant BCom, followed by a certificate in the theory of accounting (CTA) R65 840 R790 080
Financial Management BCom in Financial Management R65 322 R783 864
Environmental Engineer  Four-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Civil Engineering R64 944 R779 328
Mechanical Engineer Four-year BEng Tech in Mechanical Engineering R63 157 R757 884
Hospital Management  BTech in Hospitality Management R61 195 R734 340
General Practitioner Six-year Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBCh) R60 998 R731 976
Electrical Engineer Four-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Electrical Engineering R60 864 R730 368
IT Management BCom/BCom Hons in Information Management R58 337 R700 044
Financial Analyst BCom or accounting with an MBA R55 977 R671 724
Industrial Engineer BTech Industrial Engineering R55 842 R670 104
Consulting Engineer BSc/BTech  R53 369 R640 428
Electronic Engineer BTech Electronics Engineering R52 879 R634 548

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