3 of the best entry-level jobs to get into in South Africa – including scooter drivers

 ·23 Jun 2019

Employment company, Lulaway, has published a new report looking at the occupations with the easiest access to the youth job market.

“Lulaway is at the coalface of youth unemployment and we are constantly liaising with employers,” said Jake Willis, CEO of Lulaway.

“Consequently, we have been able to identify pockets of opportunity where young people have a higher chance of finding employment, gaining experience, social networks and financial stability. It’s critical for young people to strategically plan how to enter the job market, keeping in mind both long- and short-term goals.”

Below he outlined three top picks as identified by Lulaway:

Security guards

  • Starting salary: R4,200
  • Requirements: PSIRA certificate, Grade 10 – 12 certificate

The security industry employs hundreds of new people regularly. Security jobs can be physically demanding with long hours, but offer students/job seekers a great way of earning money and building their CVs.

The entry point is a PSIRA certificate. The starting salary is R4200 per month, which increases with qualifications and competencies.

Those with a couple of years’ security experience also have the opportunity to grow within the industry, with opportunities to move into managerial or supervisory, or even sales positions.

Scooter driver

  • Starting salary: R4,500
  • Requirements: Valid scooter driver’s license

The exponential growth of online shopping and services in South Africa means that delivery companies are constantly on the lookout for scooter drivers. Individuals with scooter licenses are in high demand and the job offers a great way to supplement an income while studying, or pursuing other ventures.

Outbound call centre agents

  • Starting salary: Basic + commission

Despite recent claims that call centre jobs are dead-end careers for South Africans, Lulaway’s experience shows a constant demand for outbound call centre agents.

There are valuable benefits to pursuing this for a limited duration, and young people should not discount these opportunities, it said.

“The conditions in an outbound call centre are gruelling with tough targets, commission-based pay and a high-pressure environment. However, in today’s job market where work experience is critical, a young person can see this job as a stepping stone and it differentiates you from the next job seeker.

“By sticking it out for at least six months you can gain invaluable experience including computer, communication and sales skills. Even more importantly, it proves to future employers that you are a reliable and tenacious employee with the resilience to work hard under pressure,” the report said.

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