Business Talk – Pavlo Phitidis on growing your business sustainably during the pandemic

 ·20 Aug 2021

Pavlo Phitidis is a highly experienced entrepreneur and investor, serving as the chief executive officer at Aurik, a business accelerator that builds successful entrepreneurial businesses.

Through Aurik, Phitidis has worked with over 2,000 businesses across all sectors of the economy. He focuses on building privately held businesses into Assets of Value using a business growth system he co-founded.

He also works with senior executives on making the most sensible investments into small and mid-sized businesses that are creating new market segments, services and products.

In this Business Talk episode, Phitidis discusses what causes most businesses to fail, and the key factors businesses should focus on to ensure sustainability.

Phitidis talks Michael through the impact of the pandemic on businesses and the important issues business should consider when looking at how they can survive.

He also outlines what businesses can do to continue to grow and succeed once they are operationally sound.

The full interview is embedded below. You can find all the Business Talk with Michael Avery interviews here.

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