Business Talk – Citadel CEO Andrew Moller on achieving long-term success in the wealth management industry

 ·29 Aug 2022

Andrew Moller is the CEO of Citadel – a position he has held for 10 years.

The average tenure of a CEO in the wealth management industry is 4.3 years, so it is very impressive that Moller has held his position at Citadel for this long.

This is particularly true given how competitive, challenging, and volatile the South African investment industry is.

In his time as Citadel CEO, he has managed to grow the company’s assets under management by over 250% since 2013.

In this episode of Business Talk, sponsored by Sage, Moller explains how he has been able to serve as Citadel CEO for as long as he has.

He also discusses how Citadel has grown its assets under management by over 250% during his tenure.

Moller then unpacks the unique value that Citadel adds to the competitive wealth management industry and outlines the biggest challenges to South African investors right now.

He predicts the global trends of the future in the investment space and concludes by providing advice to South Africans looking to begin their personal investment journeys.

The full interview with Andrew Moller can be watched below.

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