The sector offering the most work-from-home jobs in South Africa

 ·4 Jun 2024

Business & Management professionals are most likely to work remotely, with one of five remote workers operating in the sector.

According to Pnet’s latest Job Market Trends Report, hiring activity improved in April after a poor start to the year.

April 2024 was the best April for the past three years, with year-on-year hiring activity increasing by 4%.

Pnet also revealed the most trending jobs that are showing increased demand for workers and professionals:

  • Accounts Payable (Finance)

  • Business Development (Business & Management)

  • Financial / Project Accounting (Finance)

  • Vehicle & Mobile Equipment Installation / Repair (Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair)

  • Team Leader & Supervisor (Business & Management)

Pnet also looked at sector-specific hiring activity trends, stating that stable and increasing recruitment activity shows confidence in the local economy and business growth.

The top two trading sectors remain the same as in March:

  • Architecture & Engineering

Despite there being lower hiring activity in the sector in 2024, year-on-year it has increased by +11%

  • Building & Construction

This sector has also seen lower hiring activity in 2024, but demand for professionals has increased by 9% year-on0year.

  • Manufacturing & Assembly

2024 has also not been kind to the sector, but hiring activity still jumped by 8% year-on-year.

Remote work trends

Pnet also revealed the latest job market trends on a regional level, with new information about remote workers.

Pnet said that the top in-demand professionals for remote working positions are found within:

  • Business & Management
  • Information Technology
  • Finance

21% of work-from-home jobs are Business & Management roles.

Year-on-year, there has been a drop in remote working positions, primarily due to lower demand for IT roles.

Since starting to measure work-from-home trends, IT roles have often been considered to offer the most work-from-home benefits.

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