3 steps to move your business to the cloud

 ·6 Jun 2019

Liquid Telecom CEO Reshaad Sha has identified a three-step programme business workloads to migrate to the cloud.

Speaking at the 2019 MyBroadband Cloud Conference, Sha pointed to a recent survey by IDG which found that 73% of respondents had already undertaken a significant transition to a cloud environment.

He said that the remaining corporations surveyed had a plan in place for cloud migration.

Sha said that many small-to-medium enterprises were immediately setting up in cloud environments and removing the hassle of hosting their own servers.

Whether a company’s transition to the cloud is a simple or complex procedure, Sha said there were three crucial steps for extracting the maximum value from your cloud migration.

Three steps

The first step is planning,” Sha said. “You need to plan the journey, including which platforms you are going to use.”

“Importantly, you can define and customise your journey exactly the way you want it in this step.”

The second step involves the actual move to the cloud, and encompasses a number of considerations.

Companies should look carefully at how they can take advantage of this shift in their operating model, Sha said.

“This step covers your actual execution, including migration, moving of workloads, availability of processing power and storage.”

The last step is management, with a focus on ensuring that companies maximise the value they extract from their cloud environments.

“This is a simple process, but when you look at each of these steps and design your journey to the cloud, it will help you understand all the complexities that need to be taken into account,” Sha said.

“These programmes and methodologies are critical to extracting the true value from your cloud transition.”

Sha said that enterprise customers continued to place a heavy focus on cloud migration, adding that the company has seen impressive growth across the African continent.

“In some cases, we have seen consumer cloud spend double month-on-month,” he said.

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