Petrol price in South Africa: 2015 vs 2014

The petrol price is set to end the year just under 10% worse off than where it started, with motorists having a much easier time at the pumps of late.

On Wednesday (2 December), the price of fuel will rise by a single cent, following an announcement by the Department of Energy on Friday.

South African motorists kicked off the year on a high note, with petrol prices down R1.23 lower from December 2014 at R11.02 and R11.24 for 93 and 95 fuel, respectively.

Over the next 11 months saw an even split between increases and decreases in the petrol price, with five months of increases and five months of decreases, and one month showing no change.

However, in monetary terms, increases have been greater overall in 2015, with the final difference between petrol prices from January to December 2015 being R1.07 – or 9.7% – greater (R1.16 more for 95 and R0.53 more for diesel).

Petrol prices 2015
Petrol prices 2015

The collapse of the global oil price in the first quarter of the year gave South Africa – and the world – some much needed breathing room.

Unfortunately, much of that breathing room has been undone by South Africa’s poor economic performance over the course of the year, which has pushed the rand to its worst ever numbers against the US dollar.

Month 93 ULP Price Change (cents) 95 ULP Price Change (cents) Diesel 0.05% Sulphur Price Change (cents)
January R11.02 -123 R11.24 -123 R10.28 -104
February R10.09 -93 R10.31 -93 R9.26 -102
March R11.05 +96 R11.27 +96 R10.00 +74
April R12.61 +156 R12.89 +162 R11.23 +123
May R12.61 0 R12.89 0 R11.18 -5
June R13.08 +47 R13.36 +47 R11.67 +49
July R13.52 +44 R13.77 +41 R11.71 +4
August R13.01 -51 R13.16 -61 R10.95 -76
September R12.32 -69 R12.57 -69 R10.41 -54
October R12.30 -2 R12.61 +4 R10.94 +53
November R12.08 -22 R12.39 -22 R10.85 -9
December R12.09 +1 R12.40 +1 R10.81 -4
 Jan/Dec difference +R1.07 +R1.16   +R0.53
Petrol price changes 2015
Petrol price changes 2015

According to research from Solidarity, the 2015 price for 93 unleaded petrol has been below 2014 levels all year.

Month 2014 price 2015 price Change
January R13.36 R11.02 -R2.34
February R13.75 R10.09 -R3.66
March R14.11 R11.05 -R3.06
April R14.16 R12.61 -R1.55
May R14.01 R12.61 -R1.40
June R13.79 R13.08 -R0.71
July R14.08 R13.52 -R0.56
August R14.08 R13.01 -R1.07
September R13.66 R12.32 -R1.34
October R13.61 R12.30 -R1.31
November R13.16 R12.08 -R1.08
December R12.47 R12.09 -R0.38
Average R13.69 R12.15 -R1.54
Petrol price 2014 vs 2015
Petrol price 2014 vs 2015

The average price of petrol in 2015 (R12.15) is R1.54 lower than in 2014 (R13.69).

The last time the country saw anything close to this was in 1987, in which April, May and June saw no change in price, and the rest of the year saw lower prices.

More recently, in 2009, the same trend was seen except for December 2009, which was higher than December 2008.

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Petrol price in South Africa: 2015 vs 2014