Load shedding pushed to stage 4

 ·2 Sep 2020
Eskom broken

Eskom has announced the load shedding will be pushed to stage 4, due to exceptionally high demand.

Stage 4 will kick in at 15h00 until 22h00.

The power utility was forced to implement load shedding this week following a breakdown of as many as 10 units at its power stations.

It said it is likely to face continued power constraints for the next year, warning that load shedding may extend all the way into 2022 depending on pressure on the system.

“For the remainder of the 2020 – 2021 full year, it is envisaged that load shedding will be required from August to December 2020 and in February to March 2021 for the Unplanned Capability Loss Factor (UCLF) at 11,000 MW.”

“In the following full year, at 11,000 MW of UCLF, it is envisaged that that load shedding will be required in June to July 2021.”

UCLF measures the lost energy due to unplanned production interruptions resulting from equipment failures and other plant conditions. Eskom previously stated it needed to keep these unplanned outages below 9,500MW to avoid load shedding altogether. This is the level at which it can comfortably meet demand.

In the event that unplanned breakdowns exceed forecast levels, more than 13,000 MW of UCLF, Eskom said that the country can expect up to stage 3 load shedding until March 2022.

Check your schedule

For those living in the major metros, they can check to see when they will be affected:

For access to other load shedding schedules, Eskom has made them available on loadshedding.eskom.co.za.

Smartphone users can also download the app EskomSePush to receive push notifications when load shedding is implemented, as well as the times the area you are in will be off.

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