Eskom expands load limiting in Gauteng

 ·1 Feb 2024

Eskom is expanding its Load Limiting Project across Gauteng, which aims to optimise electricity consumption from customers.

The expanded plan follows a successful initiative in Fourways, Johannesburg. Following the success in Fourways, the project was rolled out to Riverside View in the second half of 2023.

“Load limiting is part of the Demand Side Management (DSM) initiative to manage and optimise electricity consumption to better balance the supply and demand of electricity on the grid during
Stages 1 to 4 of load shedding,” Eskom said.

The project is now moving to Buccleuch, Kelvin, Paulshof, Marlboro, Sunninghill and Waterfall where smart meters have been installed.

The initiative concentrates on select customers with smart meters as these have the ability to be controlled remotely.

“Through load limiting measures during Stages 1 to 4 of loadshedding, customers’ electricity capacity will be reduced from 60/80 Amps to 10 Amps. This will allow customers to continue with the minimal use of electricity for essential appliances such as lights, TVs, Wi-Fi routers, fridges and security systems,” the power utility said.

“An hour before the start of load shedding, Eskom will prompt customers to reduce their consumption to 10 Amps by sending a message to their cellphone. The system will provide the customer with four opportunities to reduce their consumption.

“Thereafter, if the load has not been reduced, the meter will automatically switch off the electricity supply for 30 minutes before the supply is restored.”

Eskom stressed that the project depends on the cooperation of Eskom and its customers, and the latter’s willingness to reduce consumption below 10 Amps.

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