Best and worst car insurance companies in South Africa

 ·3 Mar 2016 has conducted a comparison analysis of all the known insurance companies in South Africa.

The car market information site took the most recognised car insurance companies in the country and divided them into two groups – based on size.

Discovery came top of the list for 2015 in the ‘big’ company category, followed by Outsurance, and MiWay.

Among the ‘small’ companies,  AA Insurance came out tops, followed by Momentum, Alexander Forbes and Mutual & Federal.

It must be stressed that’s comparison is based on subjective comments received on the website. said it ranked the companies based on the number of complaints each one received on Hellopeter in each of 5 categories – billing/accounts, repairs/servicing, feedback/response, call centre, and breach of contract.

It then created a point system to find out which company was best. noted that it assessed the kinds of complaints that each company received in five different categories.

The selection of the categories was based on two key factors: where the most complaints were made, and which issues are critical to customers.

“In each of these five categories we looked for the insurance companies that had the least number of complaints, and based on that gave out points.”

The company with the lowest percentage of complaints in each category was the ‘winner’ of that category, and received the maximum 5 points. The company with the next lowest amount of complaints received 4 points and so on.

If companies were ranked equally gave them the same number of points.

“It was important to also take into account the number/percentage of compliments or positive reviews that the companies received,” it said.

The company with the highest percentage of compliments received 10 points, going down to 1 point for the lowest percentage.

The results for all the companies were as follows:

Insurance company reviewsAmong the ‘small’ insurance companies it found the following:

Small companiesUsing the five metrics among big companies, found the following:

Big companiesThe full article can be found at

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