How much South Africa’s top CEOs get paid vs the world

 ·17 Nov 2016

A new report by Bloomberg shows that South Africa’s top executives are, on average, among the best paid in the world.

A ranking of CEO pay at companies, filling benchmark indexes in 25 of the world’s largest economies, showed the biggest paychecks are written in the US – averaging $16.9 million.

South Africa is ranked seventh – averaging $7.14 million (R102 million), putting it ahead of countries like Australia, Singapore and Sweden.

While the figure appears high, Bloomberg noted that each country’s compensation figure is based on the average CEO pay package for companies in one major stock index, weighted by market capitalization.

The pay, disclosed in public filings, includes any salary, bonuses, value of perquisites and non-cash pay such as equity awards, deferred-compensation programs and pensions.

It must be noted that some companies listed on the JSE including the likes of Old Mutual, SAB Miller, BHP Billiton, and British American Tobacco, pay their executives in foreign currency.

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A second ranking by Bloomberg shows that when it comes to CEO pay versus the the per-capita gross domestic product adjusted for purchasing power parity, South Africa and India move ahead of the US.


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