SA government lowers “pass mark” for maths to 20%

 ·7 Dec 2016
Maths fail

The “pass mark” for Grades 7 to 9 taking mathematics has been lowered to 20%, according to a report by CapeTalk.

The head of the Western Cape Education Department, Brian Schreuder, confirmed the new requirement in an interview with the radio station.

Schreuder said there were concerns learners were passing other subjects but failing mathematics.

“When a learner, specifically those in Grades 7 to 9, has failed mathematics it means they can’t be promoted to another level because mathematics is a compulsory pass subject,” stated the report.

“Mathematics is a huge problem in our society. The quality and the number of passes in mathematics is a challenge,” said Schreuder.

A directive has been issued for those learners who pass “everything but fail mathematics” to be considered for the new pass requirement so they can continue to FETs or Grade 10.

“A decision was taken that the group of learners who fail mathematics must not have less than 20% minimum pass mark to be given an opportunity to do mathematics literacy,” said Schreuder.

The current pass mark for maths is 40%.

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