This waitress was tipped R18,000 – here’s how much people typically pay in South Africa

A waitress at Fourways-based restaurant, Beerhouse, recently received an R18,000 tip for her ‘amazing service’.

According to the restaurant’s owner, Randolf Jorberg, the bill originally came to R1,320, however the patron decided to make it R20,000 as a once-off act of kindness.

When Jorberg contacted the patron through a private WhatsApp to confirm that the tip wasn’t a mistake, the patron responded that she believed that the waitress will use the money for good.

“I have no want to reverse this, no second thoughts about it and I was of sound mind when deciding to leave this tip,” she said.

How much do South Africans usually tip? 

South Africa currently has no legislation around gratuity, which means that restaurants can decide on individual arrangements with their staff for tips.

This means that the average South African waiter’s income can vary wildly depending on where they work, what tables they are given and the times they are allocated.

To get around this issue, some restaurants now build tips into the overall costs of the meal to ensure that their staff receive tips more consistently and fairly.

However, most waiters still rely on gratuity and the kindness of patrons for a large part of their income.

A recent BusinessTech poll asked readers how much they tip waiters when going out to eat.

The survey – which had 4,342 respondents – found that nearly two-thirds of people (65%) tip 10%. By comparison, just 9% of people tip less than this amount.

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This waitress was tipped R18,000 – here’s how much people typically pay in South Africa