Business Talk – Alex Thomson discusses how Naked Insurance stands out with its unique offering

 ·24 Mar 2022

Alex Thomson is the co-founder of Naked Insurance, a company that is building a new generation of insurance.

Thomson previously worked as the Joint Managing Director and Consulting Actuary at Quindiem Consulting, where he stayed for over 10 years.

He then served as a Director, Partner, and Head of Africa Actuarial Services at Ernest & Young for more than five years.

Thomson then co-founded Naked Insurance in 2016, which has quickly become a leading insurance provider in South Africa.

In this Business Talk interview, Thomson explains what led him to start Naked insurance, and talks about the challenges he faced starting a business in South Africa.

He then explains how Naked Insurance is improving the customer experience through technology.

Thomson also talks about the funding that Naked Insurance has received from various investors, including Naspers, and highlights how it will be used to grow the company.

He also unpacks the influence of the pandemic on the insurance industry in South Africa, as well as the pandemic-induced effects of changes in consumer trends.

Thomson concludes by offering advice to start-ups and explaining how they can effectively pitch their ideas to potential investors.

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Watch the full interview below:

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