Online FinTech Conference 2022 – 10X CEO Tobie van Heerden on embracing technology in asset management

 ·23 Jul 2022

Tobie van Heerden is the CEO at 10X Investments – a top South African financial services company that focuses on providing low fees and effortless investing.

Van Heerden joined 10X as its CEO after spending 10 years running the Middle East and South East Asia businesses for Ninety One.

He is focused on helping 10X make wealth creation accessible and attainable for all South Africans.

In this conference session, Van Heerden outlines the major talking points in the asset management industry.

Van Heerden then talks about the new roles that technology is playing in asset management – an industry that has historically been isolated from technological innovation.

He discusses how this shift has allowed companies like 10X Investments to tap into a vast pool of South African talent, and also explains how he expects the asset management industry to be disrupted in the future – particularly as returns decrease and customers are more critical of the fees they are being charged.

He expands on how this trend will help 10X Investments grow substantially despite the relatively tepid growth the South African economy is experiencing.

Additionally, Van Heerden argues that while the local economy may be in a difficult place, he believes South Africans will find opportunities within these challenges.

The full conference session with Tobie van Heerden can be viewed below.

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