Online FinTech Conference 2022 – Monocle’s Guy Wilding on the power of open finance

 ·26 Jul 2022

Guy Wilding is the research lead at Monocle.

In this role, he leverages his broad knowledge across finance, risk, technology and regulatory compliance to manage the development of Monocle’s key research insights.

He has several years of financial services consulting experience, and collaborates closely with the firm’s subject matter experts to identify emerging topics and lead the development of knowledge artefacts that are relevant and valuable to Monocle’s banking and insurance clients as well as consulting teams.

In this conference session, Wilding begins by unpacking what Monocle is and how it works with banks and insurers in South Africa and several other countries.

He then dives into what open finance is, why it is such an important concept, and the reasons it is viable.

He explains the driving forces that have made open finance a major trend in the global financial industry before drilling down on what it would offer to South Africans in particular.

He discusses the key concerns that certain experts have highlighted regarding the implementation of open finance – including cybersecurity and a lack of reciprocity – before closing with some of the exciting opportunities that the concept can create.

The full conference session with Monocle’s Guy Wilding can be viewed below.

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