Relief for students at Damelin, City Varsity and other deregistered colleges in South Africa

 ·2 Apr 2024

The Department of Higher Education says that qualifications from the four Educor-owned colleges that were deregistered are still valid.

Last month, the department announced that the deregistration of City Varsity (Pty) Ltd, Damelin (Pty) Ltd, Icesa City Campus (Pty) Ltd and Lyceum College (Pty) Ltd after Educor failed to provide the required audited financial results for 2021 and 2022.

“In addition to failing to submit evidence of their financial viability to the department, the four Educor brands can be deemed as dysfunctional… mainly measured against the daily complaints and grievances received from students, most of which remain unresolved,” said Minister Blade Nzimande.

These other complaints include:

  • Poor quality of teaching and learning;
  • Lack of proper administrative support;
  • Poorly qualified staff;
  • Corruption and bribery;
  • Lack of response for requests for refunds;
  • Lack of professionalism;
  • Exploitation of poor students;
  • Non-payment of staff salaries; and
  • Under-payment of staff salaries.

However, the department has now assured the students, alternative academic institutions and employers that qualifications issued or obtained during the period of registration and during the phase-out period, remain valid and recognised.

Thus, the four colleges still have an obligation to award the students their qualifications during the period of registration and during the phase-out period.

The four colleges are also required to ensure that they conclude the remaining examinations or assessments for the rest of the current academic year.

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