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South African expats could be kicked out of the UK

South African expats could be kicked out of the UK

Controversial new laws which could be introduced in the UK as early as April 2016 may lead to thousands of South African expats being booted out of the country.

The laws, if implemented, would introduce a “settlement threshold” on salaries, forcing all non-EU resident who’ve been living in the UK for over five years, to prove they earn at least £35,000 (R822,000) a year or face deportation.

The UK Home Office and Home Secretary Theresa May are facing criticism for the proposed laws, which have been called “discriminatory” and illogical in light of the fact that the average salary in the UK is only £26,000 (R610,000).

A petition with close to 80,000 signatures has been set up at the UK parliament, calling for the government to reconsider its position.

“This ridiculous measure is only going to affect 40,000 people who have already been living and working in the UK for 5 years, contributing to our culture and economy. It will drive more workers from the NHS and people from their families,” protesters say.

“This empty gesture will barely affect the immigration statistics. It’s a waste of time, money and lives.”

According to the UK’s Independent, it is the first time that a British nation has imposed economic requirements on the right to settle.

Previously, this right has been afforded to people with family ties to the UK, or after a certain time period living in the country.

Tens of thousands of South Africans could be impacted by these new rules. In 2013, there were over 211,000 South Africans living in the UK, with local emigration statistics pointing to even more leaving South Africa for the region, since.

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  • SockPuppet

    The British is being colonized, I wonder why they don’t like it?

    • Bob Koekemoer

      ‘Cos they don’t come and build Schools, Hospitals, Roads, Power Stations, Railways etc.

      • Andrew

        errrm …they pay taxes don’t they..which do build schools, hospitals,roads,power stations..

        • Bob Koekemoer

          Are you talking about the Saffers or the new colonisers?

          • Andrew

            I am talking about all non uk born citizens that are working and paying taxes

    • elboertjie

      To paraphrase a movie: ‘All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the British ever done for us?’

      • Snowlockk


        • elboertjie


          From the classic film Life of Brian.

          • Snowlockk

            Don’t worry I got the reference. Just saying all the stuff we have now is from them.

  • Snowlockk

    But sending them back to SA is a terrible punishment. Wouldn’t it be more humane to just execute them?

  • The Fly

    Does this count for Syrian refugees also ?

    • Belatu

      I suspect that this is designed to specifically count for Syrian refugees.

      • Warthog

        nope. refugees excluded. the UK gov has decided it fking loves Muslim terrorists.

        • ursanegro

          actually, the sources of “muslim terrorists” are citizens who are fed up with the constant racism towards everyone who isn’t white. imagine that.

          • Warthog

            I’m white and I love being white. I would hate being black. I’m WHITE AND PROUD!

          • Loman

            ur racist.

          • Warthog

            suk on my WHITE balls

          • Loman

            hahaha. Present them

        • Loman

          being muslim doesnot automatically mean that you are a terrorist. Its a stereotype.
          just like smart asian
          lazy mexican
          covetous jew

          however, stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason

          • Mamparra

            Thick Japie?

          • Warthog

            shut up

          • Tony

            Loman, you so correct.

    • CG_Guy

      I think they should apply this to the Syrians/ Arabs causing trouble.

  • Wayne Gemmell

    It’s a bit funny because I’ve seen people on facebook moaning about African migrants while being African migrants themselves.

  • Warthog

    The UK wants more Islamic terrorists and less law abiding peaceful South Africans. And they think Trump is nuts. They’re fkkking CRAZY!

  • Joe Black

    It is a bit odd. Why not just the unemployed or those who have clearly just gone for benefits? It would make more sense to me if they just said that those who have cost the government >X pounds must go. Why kick out economically viable people?

    In any case it doesn’t affect me – I’m strictly speaking to the logic behind the regulation.

    • Loman

      millions of people go to uk each year just to give birth there. then the go back home and don’t need to pay hosipital bill for the excellent health care they received.

      Its seems they need to get their priorities right

  • Joe Soap

    Shame don’t send them back here. I don’t see how England can complain. I exist because they chose to colonize the country in the first place. If our South African brothers are a problem you British ponses created it!

  • Xileer

    So – The UK is out.

    Guess we’re left with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand if we want a sane chance of leaving the country…

    • Jonathan Ziman

      Who says OZ and NZ won’t impose similar laws in the future? I’ve heard from some folks that the locals are getting a bit tired of the influx of SA expats into their countries.

    • Jonathan Ziman

      Who says OZ and NZ won’t impose similar legislation in the future? I’ve heard from some folks that the locals there are getting a bit tired of the influx of expats from SA.

  • Okay, and how are people who go to the UK and pay to study there, pay to live there renting versus buying, contribute directly to the economy in various ways, but who are unable to acquire work which pays quite so much after their first five years are up going to handle the situation?

    “Oh no, terribly sorry old chap, you’ll just have to work in whichever crapstain corner of the world you came from till you’ve the credentials to secure a job of higher renown within our glorious country!”?

    I can understand wanting to reduce the amount of immigrants who don’t contribute in a positive manner to the country’s economy or social makeup, but that threshold they’ve set is simply unrealistic.

  • Mihlanga Mhlanga

    Hehehe, I like these kinds of developments. 211K + people ran away from “problems” and became a problem in another country. Surely Britain seeks to only attract exceptional individuals who can be proven to be better people (contribution to economy) than the average Brit with the reported average of R610K.

    I am sure that the majority of the 211K + emmigrants still owns land in SA and as such they can still come back so we can deal with our problems together; that is nation building.

    • Mamparra

      No, what they’re k*kking themselves about is a flood of useless Zuptas when they’ve finally stuffed up this country for good… erm, like next year.

    • Tony

      Well said, Mihlanga. Actually having our own back would be nice. They would actually become more house proud after the rude awakening. Maybe British citizens living in South Africa should be taxed higher to give the UK leadership a taste of their own medicine. L😂L.

      • Chase Richards

        Yeah, cos people who have been forced out of their adopted countries after 5 years building a life there – and made to go back to the country they left for reasons that were important enough to change their entire lives and leave families behind – will be super stoked to have to go back there and will definitely embrace it with all of their hearts.

        Give me a break. If someone chooses to leave the country of their birth and build a life in another, they should be given a chance to join that society and contribute to it if that country can accommodate them. The UK has demand for certain skills and immigrants can fill an economic niche without taking jobs from locals.

        As an expat myself, I left South Africa because my earnings potential was terrible in my chosen field. I live in the UK and I enjoy a much higher standard of living. I pay enormous amounts of tax in the UK and have never claimed benefits. I contribute to this society far more than I ever could have contributed to South Africa.

        I’m not in danger of deportation.

  • Doesnt the UK have any poor people? I mean what the hell are these people earning to have an average salary that high?

  • Wurnman

    They should deport Mr. Rhodes must Fall himself…

  • ishmaelMoatlhodDada

    well i believe it’s not only south africans who would be affected by the law should it be enacted, all non-eu nationals would be subject to it. However, being a non-eu national, I am also opposed to this law. Currently you 1350 pounds per month to pay for your food, transport, accomodation and atleast 1 pint of foster (every day) per month in any part of the UK including london. This translates to about 16500 pounds per year, so why set the minimum threshhold at 35000?

    • Are you serious? 1 pint per day only!?

  • Mucaine

    Terrible for them, but SA could benefit from “Brain drain” returning.

    • Marco

      Unfortunately “brains” earn more than £35k.

      • Dale

        Not necessarily true.

        A PhD grad doing post-doctoral research at a top British university will only pull about 35k pounds. I suspect much more in the private sector, but those you can’t get without a work permit (and a host of regulations to make sure that the good jobs don;t jjust go to filthy foreigners).

        An academic post-doc, on the other hand, only needs a specialised study permit which is comparatively easy to acquire.

  • MP3

    must be that SA student causing UK to boot nuisances


    What people seem to miss is that no one person has the right of entry to any country. I want to is just not good enough. Actually wrt refugees the International Law on Refugees has it that they must apply for asylum at the nearest country to theirs and cannot by rights travel across x number of countries to get to a ‘ better’ one. Reality is that in this regard none of the bordering countries to refugee generating countries want them so they facilitate their onward movement. ie Germany France or UK.
    The UK Govt cannot control/prevent the movement of EU citizens to UK. Thus lash out and be seen to be doing something, because the voters are getting restive.
    I suspect the threshold will be dropped because half the NHS medical staff are foreign, from Africa, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. UK now has some 10m foreign born residents all or most of whom are non caucasian, and are actually not assimilating rather living in almost ghetto like areas doing their own foreign like things as if they were still from whence they came.
    I am afraid for the UK, the horse has already bolted.

  • Marco

    This will be a severe blow to bars, restaurants and hotels as the staff are mostly foreigners. The Brits will not do that job as welfare pay is good enough.

  • peterq

    Send the back to genocide? Nice.

  • peterq

    The ANC wants to start a race war to hide their corruption, and you want people to be sent back? The rest will be on planes soon with nothing on their back.

    • Loman

      incorrect. its the EFF that wants to start a race war.

      Can’t they just EFF OFF

  • ursanegro

    it’s so funny that you lot are whining. south africa has similar income restrictions for a lot of its visas, most notably the retirement visa requiring an income from pensions/rentals being R37k a month, while average earnings are around a tenth of that.

  • Aragon

    Suzanne, bring me back a newcastle united shirt on your way back.

  • hernan cortez

    Well, we will welcome home our expats.

  • Mamparra

    Expats shouldn’t feel bad about this – it’s just the Fascist Tories showing why they’re generally hated by the people in the street. The only trouble with this is that the Socialists are even worse than them, hence why the toffs get back into power occasionally. The Tories ONLY look after their big business interests and the Royals, which can often be one and the same thing. If you know that, you understand Britain. I know (and don’t anyone DARE argue with me or I’ll have a hissy fit). These toffs’ only good point is that they can run an economy while the socialists can’t. But don’t expect any favours from them.

  • John Deer

    What is quite surprising is the Fact that so many Africans, Asians and Middle Eastern People are flocking to Europe in their MILLIONS as if they are trying to escape a possible Future Disaster to hit the country’s of origin. When WW3 really takes off, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and most of the World except Southern Africa and South America, is going to be destroyed to the ground. Africa South of the Equator shall eventually become the World’s Food Basket, and to an extent, South America would also supply Food.

  • Tony

    Loman , you so correct👍

  • the-TRUTH

    Eish, ayeye…

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