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Gauteng’s R84 billion smart city is coming

Gauteng’s R84 billion smart city is coming

Construction has started on a new Chinese financed R84 billion city in Modderfontein, Gauteng, The Star reported on Thursday.

Work on the first set of 300 residential units and some of the roads were reportedly already underway.

Chinese firm Shanghai Zendai acquired 1,600 hectares of land in Modderfontein in 2013 to build the city.

Zendai South Africa chief operating officer Du Wendui said the development was a 10 to 15 year project, and there would be scepticism about its success, based on artists’ impression of it as the new Manhattan of Africa.

“The project will be market driven, and depending on what our clients or developers want, the sky is the limit. Twenty years ago, nobody would have imagined that Sandton would look like it does today with its multiple skyscrapers,” he was quoted as saying.

Plans for the city include a central business district, churches, a library, hospital and medical facilities, a sports and international conference centre, schools, and low-cost housing, among others.

The project will house around 30,000 families and create about 200,000 fixed jobs for the local community.

Modderfontein concept

Modderfontein concept

Modderfontein concept

Modderfontein concept

Modderfontein concept

Modderfontein concept

Modderfontein concept

Modderfontein concept

The new city is also being built with technology in mind, with PCCW Global, the Hong Kong-based operating division of telecom company, HKT, set to provide technology and telecommunications services for the project.

The group will provide Zendai with a wide range of services including systems development and solutions integration, application development and management, telecommunications and information technology services, cloud computing services and e-commerce solutions.

Zendai’s chairman Dai Zhikang said in 2013 that the project would transform the property into a “New York of Africa”.

“It will become the future capital for the whole of Africa,” he said.

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  • We’ve sold our soul country to the “communists”.

    • Robert Hart

      Really? You’re worried about communism in 2015?

      • Sky Captain

        With a communist nut like Davies as the Minister of Trade & Industry? Yes! Absolutely!

    • triage_tent

      The Chinese are communist in name only these days. National Socialist is probably closer to it 😉

      • califdemdreamer

        “It doesn’t matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice.” Deng Xiaoping

        Call it “ice cream cone” if you like.

    • Philip

      HackSon. all I can say on your comment is you are trap in a time long gone! The so called communist today have more capitalism then any western country with their capitalist terrorist (bankers & politicians).

      • And why do you think I put communist in quotes? I’m well aware of that having been to Beijing a couple of years ago. The cars there aren’t reflective of communism one bit. Speaking of, Cuba was the only true communist but with recent events we know how that will pan out soon.

  • JazzMan

    very sad story this is

  • feeso

    Alien invasion 2. But the idea of a smart city sounds cool. People will love it

    • allimuthu perumal

      you wont be allowed

  • Adam Gliori

    But can they do it if they have no power?

    • Black Mamba

      The chinese will help with that. Look at Nigeria.

      • John Paterson

        Lagos has upwards of 10 power cuts a day. What’s to look at?

    • Evan

      In view that this would be a 15-20 year project, power from both Medupi & Kusile power stations should become 100% available around project completion…

  • Fezot

    Watch the space, China is the new economic Coloniser. They are doing these massive projects all over Africa.

  • Ron

    Some Govt fat cats probably pocketed big time from this deal

  • Black Mamba

    Too bad they chose Modderfontein for this.

    • allimuthu perumal

      get ready they going to build china only schools

      • Black Mamba

        Better than indian only schools dont you think?

  • Angemon

    I have an eerie feeling – Saw this article along with the one included in the link at the same time and it just made me think :


    when they say a black person is inferor this is evidence of that……1st we importing things from these people now we importing them with their billions.. they will own this land..they work a million times harder then us, they are smart, disiciplined and focus.. this should have never been allowed.. WHY CAN’T WE BUILD A CITY LIKE THIS ? WE’VE GOT THE MONEY

    • Sol

      Stupid comment. I guess it’s good for the Chinese to invest in Europe and the US but not in Africa!

      • Kuberkoos

        The Chinese do not ‘invest’,they colonize. Wake up and smell the two minute noodles! 🙁

        • A South African in England

          What about white people? They exploit and oppress! So in your statement, it seems like you are both cut from the same tree!

      • Guy

        I agree. Trade is trade. This will benefit us. Its enriching the land

    • Jay

      We did build a city like this. Nkandla!

    • We certainly don’t have the power, though…

  • edgar mr Tocsicbeatz

    This is too cool

  • hairyback

    why the hell would they want to include low cost housing? and if this grows as much as they want, that housing isn’t going to stay low cost for long. I wonder if there was government interference again?

    • Kalz

      I was also taken back when i saw “low cost housing” but then again there has been advances in innovative comfortable low cost houses. Lets see what they come up with.

      • hairyback

        Good point. Maybe they’re referring to bachelor apartments like you find in New York. Here in SA, when I hear the words “low cost housing” my mind always goes straight to RDP housing.

  • Sol

    This is great news. What’s with all the pessimism?

    • Coz the ANC are trying to emulate the Chinese government in how they run things, and China already has enough fingers in SA’s pie.

      I don’t mind a bit of socialism, but I don’t exactly like the way the Chinese government runs things.

      • Japhta S

        I don’t know which pie you are referring to because the minority in this country seems to be the only ones feasting on the benefits of the past regime till this very day. When the same minority came and colonized this country, we ended up with war that killed most of our people and we are not seeing any development to uplift our communities to compensate them for the tragedy; I have an idea, why don’t we let the Chinese come and build these cities (and possibly colonize all of us), create jobs and fix all the f up that the minorities initially created? How about all of us (white, black, brown, yellow) in SA get colonized by the Chinese so we could all have the feeling of being kept imprisoned in your own soil?

        • jandr0

          [I don’t know which pie you are referring to because the minority in this country seems to be the only ones feasting on the benefits of the past regime till this very day.]

          Please explain exactly what “minority” you are referring to.

          Then indicate exactly how this “minority,” as a whole, is FEASTING on the “benefit of the past regime.”

          • Japhta S

            I’m pretty sure that even a toddler could do the math on this one, something that surely took you an hour to decipher. What difficult is it for you to figure out who the term is referring to? Or aren’t we all aware of the ish this country finds itself in. And then blaming the ANC for not delivering the “freedom” it promised. Mind you, it is the same ANC that sold OUR country to that MINORITY in the name of peace. Please don’t act dumb, it ain’t cool jan 🙂

          • jandr0

            [I’m pretty sure that … it ain’t cool jan :)]

            So, lots of words, but one clear outcome: you blatantly evaded answering my straightforward question.

            Kindly indicate exactly who you call the “minority.” There are many minorities in South Africa. Pedis are a minority. Chinese are a minority. Jazz musicians are a minority.

            Who EXACTLY are you intending as the “minority” in your claims?

            Don’t be shy now. To paraphrase you, it ain’t cool making unqualified, generalised claims.

          • allimuthu perumal

            they don’t school their children here

        • Are you willing to give up a large number of your rights? Work longer hours for less pay? Not be allowed to voice your opinion on the internet? Because that’s what will happen if the ANC adopt a similar system to the Chinese.

          • Kuberkoos

            The ANC will be TOLD to adopt the “Chinese system” by their Chinese masters within 10 years.

        • Judges

          I see Japhta recon that the “minority” killed most of his people, funny, they outnumber the minority by 10 to 1, or even more? And they are settling the score, all the farm murders etc.

          • Judges

            Oh yes, I also need to mention how I “feast” on the benefits of the past regime: My income tax goes to the ANC government plus 14% of all the remaining money I spend and I don’t reap much benefit from it (no new schools, no decent state hospitals, no decent public transport etc). I was told by a university (when applying for a bursary for my kid) that I had a better change if I were dead then a white male! So, I had to pay the full amount of tuition fees plus private accommodation, I got “punished” twice for not getting a promotion because of affirmative action, I pay a security company to keep ,me safe because the police can’t – oh, what a feast!

  • ProfessorJericho

    Hahaha, so much for the ANC’s aversion to colonialism. In a completely unrelated story, I just bough a Chinese language course.

  • iMcJaz

    Skyscrapers. I want to see more skyscrapers in Jo’burg.

  • Thembeni Ndlovu

    We might as well sell the whole country to the Chinese

    • Johan Lewis Last

      But they will do a better job of it I think than the current regime…no more strikes, no more unions….just professionals working. When people are working, it is good for them, the company, the government and the economy. The Chinese people are hard workers, they don’t take crap from slackers and thieves. Better start learning Chinese…否则你会留下背后

      • justice for all

        Chinese are not hard workers ,they are slave drivers like you capitalist thieves of Europe. They are just a degree worse than you.

        • Johan Lewis Last

          So working hard, having pride in your job and providing for your family makes you a slave? Then I am twice a slave. Demanding stuff that does not belong to you and crying about other people who work hard and then have the indignity to demand those people give to you (for free) that they worked and slaved for.

          You are where you are born, I was born in South Africa and that makes me a South African. I do not know how you though I was from Europe. I am not a thief because I WORK hard for my own money. I am not a slave driver, in our household we do everything ourselves and we work hard for it.

          • justice for all

            Go read the history of the white man and white race for the last 1000 years .It is thievery,looting and killing crookery. They have no laws. They make and brake the laws to suit their thievery. They make rules and so called laws for other while they pay not attention to it. You pirates,slave drivers raped South and North America. Killed 100 million native american indians you murderers and beast. You kidnapped 120 million Africans over a period of 100 years. You pumped Asia full of opium and drugs and your filthy viruses from your stinking unhygenic European way of life . India you raped and here a ignorant fool come talk of hard work. In South Africa you thugs dont know what work are. You shameless uncultured white savage and neanderthal.The Blacks should kick your stinking pink arse out of this land and feed your head to the African crocodiles thief.

          • justice for all

            you are born thieves it is in your defective and unevolved genes.

          • Athol Smith

            ‘Unevolved genes’, yes sure, like the invention of the automobile, electricity, TV, jet engine – the list is endless. Your lot didn’t even have the wheel when the white ‘colonisers’ set foot upon this primitive continent. And as for thieving? Look no further than the prancing fool you call your leader and his bunch of henchmen.Wake up, idiot!

          • allimuthu perumal

            you did not steal how did the new billionaires come with so much money overnight.

          • Eagleeye7

            You speak like one with a sick mind!

          • Johan Lewis Last

            Again, you are confusing me with someone else. I really don’t care what happened to other people across the globe the last hundred (or thousand) years. I wasn’t part of it and neither were you. We are talking about having pride in your work and working hard to support yourself and your family.

            You want to live in the past and rehash stuff that didn’t happen to you or wasn’t done by me. You are the bad apple in the basket, infecting everything around you with racism and hatred. Lucky for you God loves you and I hope He cleanses your soul that is filled with darkness. I pray you ask forgiveness.

          • allimuthu perumal

            ask your self if BLACKS have also not stolen from their own people they make millions out of poor see today how the millions are coming out 30rand for every 100rand loan

        • allimuthu perumal

          yes but blacks also slave drivers see your mini bus how it runs past you or jumps over you

    • Kuberkoos

      I think it’s too late………. they already “own” the CNA. If you do not believe this, watch this space, and let’s talk again in 5 years time!

      • Kuberkoos

        ANC, not CNA!

    • allimuthu perumal

      Thembeni Ndlovu you are right see they wont ask retired people from govt services to assist

  • Armand Marcel Alberts

    Yes. lets add some traffic to our already congested N1 oh and let put more strain on the electricity while were at it

  • lucille_abreu

    fabulous, the Chinese are raping the oceans off the African coast as is, you think they’re going to give jobs to South Africans? Think again, they’ll bring in their prisoners to work for peanuts and build this city (and we will have more criminals than before)
    (your dogs will disappear) and the population will keep increasing. yes, this is all we need an every over-growing, over-populated country – they’re running out of space and now they need to make space for their ever-growing population…. then genetically modified *crap* food is grown in order for us to “survive” and keep up with the constant growth of population, which in turn aids in giving us cancer and other diseases… and the vicious circle continues… while the “fat cats” and pharma’s get rich…. (don’t ask how I got to the pharma conclusion – it’s just an observation and they’re all eventually linked somehow – to the fat cats)

  • Sipho Ka Ngubo

    We lost Africa, Europeans own our mines, Chinese are building cities and Ghost towns in our country.

    • Vaughan

      Better than building mud huts

    • allimuthu perumal

      the leadership is allowing it to happen

  • easycat

    Sorry, it wont be a ‘smart’ city.
    If its run by those coming through the south african education system it will more likely be a ‘stupid’ city…

    • Kuberkoos

      They will run it, and if our labor force does not perform to their standards, they will import their own. Hence the sub-economic housing………….

      • Veeola

        The Zuma legacy…

  • rams

    you saying they are taking over, what are you doing?

  • Kruger Zelda

    what China did in Zambia
    1) send their criminals to work in the mines with condition never to return to the country

    2) as result of this

    2.1)other nationalities got impacted when applying to work there.
    2.2) Zambia got people they can do nothing about.

    so who is going to actually build this place?
    how is it going to be regulated?

  • Roland Giesler

    When are the citizens of South Africa going to remove these corrupt self-serving bigots from power that is the Zuma ANC?? Chinese Telecoms company provides the technology and communications infrastructure? What happened to the government looking after local interests? When we battle to build businesses, they force they ideas down on us, when the Chinese come, they chuck their own rules completely…

    I’m not for regulation at all, but if you insist, at least be consistent!

  • Ntlahla Goniwe

    i feel that ANC doesn’t know his story lol! but we cant wait to see that New York of Africa and we will be receiving a lot of foreigners to take our jobs

  • Man.of Steel

    Does this mean the Chinese will be buying Eskon to? Lol Because I noticed alot of light bulbs, in this New Mega city?

  • Heinrich Erasmus

    Good bye Rhinos & elephants.

  • Judges

    I see Japhta recon that the “minority” killed most of his people, funny, they outnumber the minority by 10 to 1, or even more? And they are settling the score, all the farm murders etc.

    • Judges

      Oh yes, I also need to mention how I “feast” on the benefits of the past regime: My income tax goes to the ANC government plus 14% of all the remaining money I spend and I don’t reap much benefit from it (no new schools, no decent state hospitals, no decent public transport etc). I was told by a university (when applying for a bursary for my kid) that I had a better change if I were dead then a white male! So, I had to pay the full amount of tuition fees plus private accommodation, I got “punished” twice for not getting a promotion because of affirmative action, I pay a security company to keep ,me safe because the police can’t – oh, what a feast!

      • Zaki Mba

        Have you considered Immigration?

        • allimuthu perumal

          where you going too

      • justice for all

        South African government must be fair to all its people Coloured, Black, White and Indian. If you are poor irrespective which race you need to be helped. If you are rich irrespective which race you must pay up. No racism. We had enough and it destroyed our society. Whites must also stop moaning,they are still the best off followed by the new African Black looters. We need to eradicate the backlog of 350 years of Colonial racist legacy but we need to be fair to all now. No more big lnadings of 15 kim by 30 km for one single Boer or Black. That time is past.No mining rights just because you are ANC somebodies son or DA privilege because you are a Jew. Fairness ,equity ,poverty alleviation and justice. We hhave 50 years to complete it and than no more talk abt Apartheid. 50 years + the 21 years to wipe out legacy of White supremist racism.

        • allimuthu perumal

          never they will never because china millions for pocket money to eat sushi on naked girls new black culture

  • Dennis M

    While that first picture looks snazzy, it comes at a price, we will all have to die at the age of 30 to make room (make room) (A virtual prize to anyone who knows why I repeated myself in this post.)

  • Nicholaos Lekatsas Lucas

    Smart city must have a deep democratic meaning ,rather than a constructional one!!!
    Τhe Peoples whom inhabit it must strictly hold the feeling of co habitation and not the devaluation of human life with the easy removal of due to το ease of criminalιτy.
    Otherwise it shall be ,and remain a cement city with no humanistic meaning.

  • south african

    if this is to be realized, 10 to 15 years is alot of time to train our own people to be ready to work this city. as opposed to waking up somewhere in the middle and realizing that we need to import skilled labourers.

    • Kuberkoos

      Show me one instance in the past 20 years where we “woke up” and trained our people in any way whatsoever????

  • MelcolmX

    We need educational development on every level in Kzn not malls or sub urban destruction! I could care less about Modderfontein and Hazeldean or V & A Waterfront.

  • kim stip

    oh jeez, 4000 words and you”re missing the simple matter…. it has nothing to do with prejudice or an emotional take on history. It had everything to do with manufacture, industry and employment. There is very little that the Chinese don’t produce, they even produce creditable African Beadwork. The concern, and it is the only concern is how much of a conduit this city is going to be for Chinese- produced goods, to the further detriment of our local producers.

    • A South African in England

      It’s not about prejudice or an emotional take on history for you, but for blacks in SA it is. Manufacturing, really? First of all, white people called them communists and next minute they move all their factories to manufacture in China, to exploit their communists cheap labour, then the Chinese outsmarts the west, and takes control of the monopoly of manufacturing. Cause they know the west and whites cannot be trusted.

      African beadwork was never manufactured by the blacks in the first place, it was manufactured by whites, who exploited blacks and by charging astronomical prices to poor old ladies who sleep on the streets of Durban beaches – struggling to make a living. I know this cause my father ran an organisation that represented these African art street vendors. Blacks were never allowed to obtain wholesale rights to anything, whites gave it to Indians instead to supply white-manufactured goods at 3 times the wholesale price to black – township vendors.

      The difference between the Chinese and Whites is this: they are people who are all about money, they trade and work with anybody who wants to do business with them without discrimination, they even do business with Mugabe.

      Whereas you whites are all about power and you discriminate with whom you do business with, you work with asians but refuse to do business fairly with blacks – it happens even here in England. The reason for that is because you refuse to allow blacks to have any power.

      The old South Africa is a good example of how whites work if they are giving free-reign on things. Power had to be forced out you against your will, cause if it was up to you, South Africa will still not be free.

      So do not come here and talk as if you are worried about the welfare of the blacks in South Africa, whereas you are worried about your own people, and trying to use the black majority voice to protest the people who have finally dethroned the white man.

      If the Chinese turn out to be evil oppressors like your white fathers, then I feel sorry for the white man – we know how to fight and survive against opression, whereas you will be screwed.

      Besides, black South Africans are not scared of communists, we have been working with them for over 50 years whilst still fighting apartheid – against whites, they trained our leaders, fought the evil South African army in Angola. We trust them more then we trust you and the West. So, speak for yourself.

      • Eagleeye7

        Sorry, but there are millions of ‘blacks’ who disagree with you and I can understand why.

        The Chinese are not here to empower the blacks, they could well be here to perpetuate the suffering that the average black household finds themselves in.

        The moral of the story, “Think before you leap”!

  • Adrienne Milner

    Thought Zuma said foreigners can’t own land here. What about electricity, due to apartheid, the country cannot supply enough power. So who will light up this place

  • king

    but where is the sense of ownership in this whole concept….or in any other city being developed by foreign investors and if any how are we gonna pay for it and how long is it gonna take us. we have to look at issues like inflated service rates among other issues.

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