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R700 billion lost to corruption in South Africa

R700 billion lost to corruption in South Africa

South Africa has lost R700 billion to corruption over the last 20 years, the Institute of Internal Auditors said on Wednesday.

“The cost of corruption in the last 20 years… we have lost R700bn,” CEO Claudelle von Eck said at the launch of the Anti-Intimidation and Ethical Practices Forum in Johannesburg.

Von Eck, who is the forum’s chairwoman, said people who tried to report corruption were often muzzled.

“Members are being intimidated when they try and raise the issue of corruption in an organisation.”

Von Eck said the forum aimed to educate its members about corruption, advise them how to reveal corruption, and what to do when whistle-blowers were intimidated.

It was intended to be a professional collective voice which would make pronouncements about the state of governance in the country.

“We cannot be silent. As professionals we should be able to say this is what the state is, this is what we need to do to rectify things.”

The forum consists of an executive committee, agencies who can take action, interested organisations, and an evaluation panel.

“As professionals we have a responsibility, an understanding that our responsibility does not begin and end just at our desk and just at our jobs. We’ve got to carry South Africa,” she said.

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  • Real Ist

    All I can say is, “is that all?”

  • Werner Ackermann

    That’s impressive. About 5% of tax revenue?

  • bengine

    The auditors can tell how much we have lost but they can’t tell to who…

    Oh yes, I forgot – if they identified people arrests would have to be made and then the case would have to be squashed, court papers would have to go missing and witnesses would have to get amnesia or disappear – too much like hard work.

    As a taxpaying citizen of this country – I hereby demand that every cent of that stolen money is returned by those who stole it and credited proportionally to taxpayers based on tax paid. Even on equal distribution to every tax paying citizen in this country – that is around R50K / person!

    • Gideons Bende

      Fully agree. Surely, if you could determine HOW MUCH money was STOLEN (not lost), you could determine WHERE and then determine WHO. It is therefore quite possible to get (most) of that money back !

    • Emil

      Unfortunately this is the wrong place for demands, what ever we say and rant about here has zero impact. But I share your disgust and frustration.

      • bengine

        Yup – but I rant all over the place. Enough people speak out – in all forums the more inertia is built ….

        • Alex

          You mean “momentum”. Inertia is the opposite!

          • bengine

            Nope meant inertia – the more you yell and complain the more things stay the same ….

          • Alex

            I see what you mean. My apologies!

          • bengine

            my fault – sometimes a I take dry humour a bit far …

    • Stephen Korsman

      It would also pay R125000 to each unemployed adult in the country. Or start up lots of small businesses to employ them, which would provide them with longer term income. Or build half a million small houses. Or pay a once-off average monthly wage to everyone in the country, or employ 200000 people at that wage for 20 years. Or build 2800 more Nkandlas for parliamentarians and their families.

  • Light at the end of the tunnel

    What is new ????
    The chief of chiefs has stolen R200 mil for upgrades to his personal property so why cant the rest?
    If this was recovered (or not stolen initially) we could pay off the so called Sanral bill for the upgrading of the Gauteng highways and stop this E-Toll sword over our heads.
    It could be used to upgrade the cANCer corrupted Eksdom and stop the increase in electricity prices and the decrease in electricity availability.
    But alas …. we all woke up to find the cold coffee has been stolen and the price increased whilst we were dreaming.
    Not to forget that someone would steal this recovered money anyway.
    Viva Brothers for Economic Entitlement. …. (yay)

    • Gideons Bende

      Don’t forget the other 783 corruption charges of this thief of thieves !

  • Yeah, I see what you did with the stock art there. 2 corrupt white people. Don’t worry we know the score SAPA.

  • Peanuts compared to the R 1 TRILLION we’re about to backhand Russia for a disastrous Chernobyl style nuclear reactor.

  • Belinda Shaw

    Unbelievable! Once again I can feel blind rage building inside my brain having just managed to calm down to a panic from an Eishkom episode. Ok…..breathe…….So here we have grand theft from each and every tax payer in the country. Grand theft from every beneficiary of social benefits! Grand theft of our children’s heritage . Our future is being stolen from us – in broad daylight (Has to be daylight ’cause we be powerless when night falls). They (and we know who you are) must be laughing all the way to their Swiss bank. We pay, they steal. It would however be simple to curb this – no government official may have an interest in any private business and their immediate family may not do business with the state. You either work for the people or you work for yourself. Simple. Make a choice. And of course, a restraint of trade (in their area of incompetence….sorry, ‘expertise) slapped on them for at least 3 years when they leave office (which they can’t because the private sector has qualification standards). And please throw a few of them in jail with a very public trial to froth over – still having Oscar and Dewani withdrawals. Can we start with No 1 please. Now that would be juicy! Imagine the Gooptah Gate that would uncover.

    • Gideons Bende

      “no government official may have an interest in any private business and their immediate family may not do business with the state” – you do know that this was exactly the case in the good old apartheid days ?
      Yeah, yeah liberals – keep calm …

      • Belinda Shaw

        Reminds of a story about a baby in a bath

  • Wurnman

    Dammit, it’s apartheid again still biting us in the ass.

  • Neil Glezer-Jones

    How many power stations is that????

  • Boba Fett

    I say paying tax should be an optional thing, and all tax payers must go on strike and not pay until our demands are met. I wonder how that would pan out?

  • Iain Smith

    R35 Billion a year (average). GP freeway upgrade could have been paid with just 7 months worth of theft….

  • Philip Machanick

    So stop making such a big deal about Nkandla.

    That is just the way the government normally does business.

    By focusing on this one issue, the impression is created that things are mostly OK; pity about Zuma. Not. Nlandla is not an exception and we should stop treating it as such.

  • Deon Labuschagne

    If R700 billion is the figure, then it is double, this is just the money that can be proved is stolen.

  • SABCbut

    Well considering that over R100billion was lost/unaccounted for in the first 10 year after democracy in the Eastern Cape alone, I would say R700 billion is a conservative estimate

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