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This is who Zuma is blaming for the political instability in South Africa

This is who Zuma is blaming for the political instability in South Africa

President Jacob Zuma spent much of the weekend pointing to everyone but himself for the current deep divisions within his own party and the general political landscape in South Africa.

Addressing supporters in KwaZulu Natal on Saturday, Zuma was speaking ‘off the cuff’ to ANC supporters in the province, painting himself as the victim in an international conspiracy to destabilise the country.

Notably, Zuma was trying to instil in his supporters that the government needed to have full control over the country’s finances in order to ensure economic freedom for all. He said that in South Africa, all the country’s money is still in white hands, and that those who were fighting against his reforms were, in fact, on the payrolls of these masters.

In particular, the president said that it was these unnamed ‘white capital masters’ that forced him to fire his recently-appointed finance minister, Des van Rooyen after he was elected to replace former minister Nhlanhla Nene.

He said that he had to make the change (to reappoint Pravin Gordhan) because ‘those with money’ would “burn the country down”, if they did not have their way.

Zuma’s statements fall in with the president’s narrative of being a victim in South African politics – ignoring all cases and rulings against him, and evidence of lies and misinformation – where he is just trying to do good, and his enemies are trying to keep him down.

These are just some of the key players which president Jacob Zuma has blamed for his and the ANC’s political crisis:


Opposition parties

An easy target, Zuma and his ANC have used every opportunity presented to paint opposition parties – particularly the DA – as disruptive forces who are anti-freedom and anti-economic reform.

The DA, in particular, has been accused of being paid off by foreign powers, and are said to be planning to bring back apartheid, by the ANC.

Most recently, the DA has been accused by the ANC of trying to govern the country through the courts, and using the utterances of ANC members (especially the stalwarts) to push their own political agendas.

The EFF has not suffered the same label, however, the ANC has often put them in the same camp as the DA (particularly after the EFF helped elect DA mayors in key metros), and has generally disregarded the party as ‘loud but irrelevant’.

Read: Every motion of no confidence against Zuma: what they were about – and why they failed


The foreign “Third Force”

Repeating conspiracy rhetoric from the ANC, Zuma told supporters that there were ‘unnamed international states’ which are using money to influence local parties to move and speak against the ANC.

In almost every situation where the ANC and its leadership was brought into question – with the Nkandla saga, state capture, et al – the party has name-dropped the CIA, often accusing main players in anti-Zuma investigations as being pawns of US or UK powers.

This includes former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela, who has faced the accusation more than once. According to Zuma, the so-called ‘third force’ behind political instability in South Africa is against the country’s relationships with Brazil, India, Russia and China.

Read: Public Protector a CIA spy: deputy minister

Newspaper Print media

The Media

Zuma said that he could not speak freely at the gathering because of the media presence. Zuma and his presidency have on a number occasions told supporters that the media was spreading propaganda against him.

The media has been blamed for spreading the “toxic” narrative that the ANC was fighting within itself, and were trying to vilify the president.

The media has been accused of sowing seeds of discord, trying to confuse the populace in an attempt to seize control for their white benefactors, or to provoke an “Arab Spring” in the country, to bring about regime change.

The SABC and media groups such as The New Age are seen as counter to ‘white media’, however.

Read: People who want Zuma out are against democracy: ANC mayor


Undisciplined ANC members

Controversially, Zuma told supporters that it was not him who was stealing money from the state – as he has been accused of time and time again – but rather other members of the party (those who are against him).

He knows this, because he watched them do it.

While admitting that there was stealing going on – and he knew it and did nothing about it – the statement was also a veiled threat to ANC members that he was willing reveal the dirt on other party members.

The president also spoke out against the 100-plus ANC stalwarts who had spoken out against him, saying that they had no place in the party if they did not address party issues through party structures.

The ANC itself has implored its members – including ministers and deputy ministers – to keep its views on the party to themselves, and to address any issues within the party structures.

Read: The tide turns against Zuma as 101 ANC stalwarts back Gordhan

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  • Charl van der Merwe

    Jirre but you must be a special kind of stupid to believe the things Zuma says

    • Konstabel Koekemoer

      Unfortunately just like in the USA a significant portion of the SA’s voters are a special kind of stupid.

      • Swona

        Not really.
        It’s really a zuma guperment vs koekemoer dividedness.
        Who do you think they’ll choose.

        • Brian

          zANC guperment …. ha, ha…. love it

        • Blapartheid Zulu

          LOL Guperment LOL

          • john speck

            We laugh but this gupterguy and Zumadom could destroy our SA as we know it,……see his decolonised friend north of us ,Mugabe
            his country is on its knees.,wont be long when we there if something doesnt happen.

      • Greg Gow

        Why in the US and what?

      • john speck

        Dont think they as stupid as ours ,,,,,Africa is the proof,Usa voters still much less decolonised than ours and they vote liberal against consevative.Our voters vote black against white.The liberals are normally the swamp people in Washington …ie the rich.They want to keep the privileged position in life.

        • ian shaw

          The Trump victory has changed that.

          • john speck

            You surely cant believe that the people of rural south Africa are as educated as the conservative Yanks.If you do then you are a blind liberal.Just spoken to a coloured yank farmer from North Dakota and they voted Trump.Good down to earth people.They have 3 farms in the family and they are fully mechanised.Showed me photos .The son is an airline pilot for American Airways,They are not poor people by far.

          • ian shaw

            I don’t understand what you are saying, but I am definitely not a liberal. As a matter of fact, I know that in America, where I spent lots of years in the heartland, there is a deep national feeling and belief in the original American virtues and that this has nothing to do with being rich. The really rich people in Washington wield an enormous power and serve the wishes of lobbyists while ignoring everyone else. On the other hand,
            a small farmer, whatever his financial status, has no such influence but be sure that he constantly discusses these issues with other people in his community. I think it is high time to
            put the American “establishment” out of business. As to the rural South African people they are surely not well-educated but they also hear news from their relatives who live in large cities.
            The black-against white vote will not last much longer. and self -interest in things that work will eventually prevail.

    • MP3

      just so happens that there are a lot of blinded by hatred of whites that happily eat this up as an excuse

      • john speck

        Mbeki and Zuma have been using the colour line since they were installed,they have nothing else.

    • RocketBoy

      Believe me there are such special idiots out there who are buying this grudd,who else would attend the conference!!

    • john speck

      Goto be decolonised to get that far.

  • chunk

    “Controversially, Zuma told supporters that it was not him who was stealing money from the state – as he has been accused of time and time again – but rather other members of the party (those who are against him)” I find this little bit very interesting.

    • Elach Jamtay (DISgruntled)

      VERY true – when someone wants to hang onto power the easiest method is to paint anyone who stands against you as the “bad guy.”
      Hence all of his finger-pointing.

  • Johan Lewis Last

    I really hope the people who hired zuma are happy. Because of them NO ONE wants to invest in our country, they are laughing at how “stupid” South Africans are each and every time one of those idiots open their mouths to “speak” which results in the value of our whole country dropping. I really don’t want to be a translator working for the government…poor people

    They dumb-ed down the education so badly in our country that the only results are dumb people and the sad thing about this is that they are actually ignorant about it.

  • Basil Jacobs

    What an absolute lot of hogwash to again come from the mouth of Zuma. One can judge the mental capacity of his followers who actually believe him.
    Oh how I wish this great country can appoint a President with a logical, functional and rational brain.

  • James Dean

    I wish I had the power to kill with my mind.

    • chunk

      That’s one of my biggest fears is someone actually doing that while he is still President.

      • hatmadter

        Agree… don’t need fat-f%^&k elevated to a martyr…

        • chunk

          That’s exactly what would happen.

          • Jibbers Crabst

            Not to mention the resulting power scramble/struggle that could do serious damage all round…

      • Elach Jamtay (DISgruntled)

        While I may sometimes disagree with what you have to say, you ALWAYS have a LOT of really relevant and insightful comments.
        This is one of your best: deep stuff!

        • chunk

          Ha ha Thanks.

    • DionB

      men watching goats?

    • Lone Stranger

      A Death Note will do the trick.

      • Silver King

        Will you get one from Japan?

        • ian shaw

          No, in the Far East they used to send a silk rope as a symbol

    • Silver King

      Or decolonised science?

    • Ask the witch doctors to send a bolt of lightning with black magic, that’s apparently possible according to decolonised science.

    • Chris

      Yes, you have to concentrate while you pulling the trigger

  • Greg Gow

    This is probably the dumbest president in the world

    • #Anonymous

      mugabe is just as dumb. he blames the western powers for the collapse of zimbabwe

      • Steven Seagull

        They are not dumb at all. They have no morals, but they are not dumb. Their followers and voting cattle – that is dumb.

      • john speck

        Dali Tambo had a tv show interviewing Bob and Dali was telling us that the farms taken from the whites are now producing much more crops. Maybe he was talking about decolonised crops,like grass planted with lightening.No more watching Dali,Mr Crapshoot.

        • ian shaw

          This must be a miracle to produce more without any skill development.

    • john speck

      Probably? he is.

      • Greg Gow

        No its a competition between him and that other tosser bob

  • Ab Irato

    JZ is the turd force

    • Thomas Edison

      Don’t insult a turd!

      • Aristophanes

        Good one!

      • Clinton

        Yeah, even turds have a functional use in this world !!

      • Greg Gow

        No just a useless piece of shyt that needs to blame instead of taking responsibility. Everyone else is wrong but never him or his cohorts that are just as useless.

        He says the economy must be controlled from a central point which was his plan with the Gupta’s. If the economy is controlled by this central force then he and his dumb shyts can transform the economy.

        So we can say it will be called the Asian Minority Capital. FFS

        • ian shaw

          Typical Soviet-communist Orwell-type response. Control every aspect of the citizen’s life and you will always win?

      • john speck


  • Wurnman

    Anti white colonialism is the african get out of jail card…
    White’s should never have graced Africa…

  • Luna Moon

    he forgot about Jan van Riebeek

  • Runnin Bare

    If EFF come to power then we screwed. SA will go south at full throttle, twin turbo’s and all.

    • Brian

      Absolutely. The DA is the only intelligent option we have.

      • YouDontEvenKnowMe

        africa NE intelligence

    • Greg Gow

      Let’s all buy canoes and row boet. There are only 7 million white people left in SA so its easy without a stampede for the water of the Cape. Don’t worry about the EFF its just electioneering the “Monopoly Asian Capital” of the Guptas is what you must worry about because they are shyting on the SA economy while they live it up with all the money they have stolen from SA in Dubai.

  • Number4Oar

    He’s even stealing Malema’s lines. I’d like him to name the owners of “Monopoly White Capital” that they all keep ranting about. Most of the monopolies that I know of in this country are in black hands. If he is referring to the mining companies, the shareholders, who are the owners, don’t belong to any particular ethnic group.

    • Greg Gow

      No it’s now called “Monopoly Asian Capital”

  • Ubaba meet Baba

    My 8 year old son tried this approach last night, only caught out because no one he blamed was actually there and he had chocolate all over his face. The only difference is that that’s not chocolate on zumas face.

    • Greg Gow

      It’s not even egg its just plain SHYT

    • john speck

      Just money on his head.

  • bravosewe

    This article reads and feels like a rehash of Animal Farm where Napoleon give a speech. :/

  • Surely this is slander? He should not be allowed to make malicious statements like this.

  • Lone Stranger

    Would be funny if he blamed Donald Trump. He does not want that man as an enemy.

  • Betterestdayz

    Can’t you see we see right through you?

  • Peter the Observer

    And why would you as part of the ANC would you want to support a idiot like this who blames you for his faults ??? HUH???
    Does Zuma really think that his followers are THAT stupid ???

    Mind you the track record … ?

  • Only an idiot would take him serious

  • Ethan

    He blatantly admitted that corporates run the country

    • Ray Mulder

      Corporates run the world…

      • Nofearorfavor

        What a pleasure read you…

      • Brian

        No, corporates who bribe governments who have too much power run the world. Only governments can make laws, control police, adjust taxes, award tenders, etc. Corporates just bribe them to do their bidding. Money talks when you have crooked politicians with too much power. All corporates can do is make products consumers want to buy and bribe governments. When the people control governments then they take the power away from corporates. We need to change governments… regularly if necessary.

        • ian shaw

          Give Brian a Bell!

  • Ray Mulder

    In fact this is closer to the truth than the ignorant may know… however… Zuma is just using this as an excuse to fool his subjects so they don’t realise how corrupt he is.
    It has been known by the alternative community for years that Zionists are at the top of the power struggle in the world, and they control the money.
    It is also well know that Amschel Rothchild uttered these ironic words: “Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws”

    • Nofearorfavor

      Yes– you’re right all the way… just our luck that we had a government who enjoyed the NWO perks to the nines. After all it was so easy — go with the flow and boeger SA. What really pees me off, is that the ANC makes out that all whites in SA are Zionist lackeys, which is absolute B S– when most ordinary whites are not.

      The tragedy is that, if all the assets the Zionists still own and control to this day, had been nationalised at the get go, the ruling party would long since have swiped it all– and SA been just another failed state– Whereas, if we’d had an honest government committed to SA and her people– a government who’d despite the global Z-holes’ hijack, had not capitulated to them– but got all of us building and educating our country together– had paid off and did not owe the global blood suckers a cent right now– SA would not only have hummed economically by now, but true blue South Africans of all stripes, have been united behind their government– much more difficult for the Z-holes to try their orange revolution a’la Oro’s-soros here, as they did to Dilma Rousseff in Brazil, to Ukraine, Libya, Iraq etc. Jeez, what a pickle a greedy, self serving government, who’d enjoyed the spoils belonging to us all— landed us in! Even wanted the equivalent of an Africa Air Force 1 like the US prezzie!

      I have news for Mr. Zuma– the NWO cabal comprise of all the colours of the rainbow and they have no allegiance to any nation on the planet– to any creed, race or culture — only their own global agenda — and we all know what it is.

      When Putin became the president of a broken and on her back Russia, a Russia plundered when the Bolsheviks brought communism to her shores in 1917, assisted by insider Russian joo traitors, Putin decided the buck stops here, that Russia would have to cease existing, but never would again have this cabal within her gates. Please research these facts well, before you shoot me down in flames!

      If President Zuma, had but an ounce of the commitment to South Africa, the Russian president has to Russia– South Africa wouldn’t have been in the terrible position, she finds herself today. In 15 years he turned his country around– and took on the global bankster gangsters, again bent on destroying her.

      Saddest to me of all, is that despite the fact that our government is guilty of wrongdoing– even as we approach the 11th hour– they care only to save themselves– instead of owning up fairly and squarely and facing what’s coming to them, as nobody is above the Law!

      For the good Lord’s sake, is their not one amongst them, who is honest and has the integrity to serve SA and her people FIRST, without paying himself a salary that’s a hundred plus times more than the what President Xi of China earns! — Serve SA FIRST — not a ruddy political party which has fallen apart and at virtually cataclysmic cost to us all.

  • The weird thing is all these supposed enemies benefit from his continued presence. His leadership of the ANC is worth at least a 10% swing to the opposition.

  • Silver King

    Beware those 3 fingers pointing back o Zupta.

  • InReality

    Two words comes to mind: Brainless & Moron.

  • Riaan

    You see, if he can confince the voters he stole money from Whites, they will not be bothered and still vote for him. If only they knew…

  • Lord Alfred Milner

    Sooooo, this helps you get a new jet how?

  • Hennie

    Either this man believes S. Africans are the dumbest people on this planet of ours or he is dumber than I thought he is thinking people will swallow his hogwash.

    • chunk

      Its neither he is the ANC pres people will support regardless. You could put a sloth up there it would win.

    • Leo

      Well, those he preaches to believes him and that is what is important. If they didn’t buy into his propaganda, he wouldn’t have made it past his first paragraph.

    • Steven Seagull

      I believe the vast majority of South Africans are extremely stupid.

    • ian shaw

      No, he knows that South Africans generally are not stupid so he addresses those few thousands who are. “Preach to the converted” is an effective strategy.

  • lino_lupus

    I knew it !!!!….Johann Rupert, Jan Van Riebeeck, Oppenheimers, Rothschilds, Snow White, the Great White, sunlight, etc, etc, etc……..

  • S. Bediako-Asante

    This Zuma is absolutely abnormal. Blaming everybody but himself. Is he a stooge for somebody to manipulate him ?
    Then he is actually incompetent for him to be where he is; such nonentities at the helm of affairs !!!

    • ian shaw

      Yeah, but his supporters say that his seeming faults were manufactured by the “white monopoly capital” , the DA, the CIA, undisciplined ANC members, ens.

  • SpiritOfNehanda

    All these media stunts will fail. Wait and see…

    • Nofearorfavor

      Hope you’re right…

      • SpiritOfNehanda

        Don’t worry, it will definitely all come to nothing…

  • the-TRUTH

    I look forward to the year 2019 when I can’t wait to #VoteAgainstANC during 2019 elections. Let’s rather #VoteForDA (the better evil) cos voting for EFF or ANC is like voting for BIG bad EVILS – the worst evils ever. Sies, #ANC&EFFMustFall

    • ian shaw

      EFF will eventually merge with the ANC.

  • Jacques

    Oh! ffs zuma, just give us a break already. It has been a long year, we can do without you shitting in your pants. It is not we, the South Africans who are corrupt, go look in a mirror to see the real culprit!

  • Brian

    Now there is a desperate president. Caught red handed with Nkandla and forced to pay back a tiny percentage of the money he stole. Never mind the other glaring self enrichment schemes he is involved in. He is still protesting innocence. He cares little for the success of South Africa and only cares for Zuma. He would collapse SA in a pathetic defence of his self interest. I hope the voting population will come to realise this before 2019

  • Selwyn

    The lunacy is growing by the day!!!. The nonsense sprouted by No 1 is reaching Mugabe levels!!!. Other people in the ANC are stealing—No 1 said he is watching them. WHAT?? The enemies are foreigners but No1 has forgotten who they are!?!?!. WHAT?? Thuli Madonsela is a CIA agent WHAT??. White capital, ala Rupert, is part of a sinister colonial force. Nene was earmarked for the BRICS bank. SA was converting its diesel generators to gas.SA was going to train 19,000 plumbers to stop all the water leaks in the country’s water pipes. ANOTHER BIG LOAD OF “WHAT???”
    Now the Zionists are taking charge. Even the Guptas are setting up a Cape Town stronghold in the old Mark Thacher house. Remember him?? He is the guy who was “tricked” into funding a government overthrow.
    All the above snippets of truths, half truths and bullshine, are comments that astounds me. And as for some of the comments made, makes me wonder if the drought is not staring to effect some commentators as well.

    Dit lyk as of helfde van ons land se mense nou van hul sinne beroof is en die res dwaal rond in n wereld van hissies met wol komberse onder n vol maan.



  • Chris

    Apartheid? White boere mag? Jan van Riebeeck? Zuma there’s so many more you can blame..

  • Charles Scott

    It speaks volumes of the general intelligence and gullibility of the majority of people in this country who support the ANC and the EFF. Do they have a death wish for South Africa? Is their hate for white people, which is being encouraged and exploited to the hilt by the ANC and the EFF, so strong, that they don’t care that these people are creating another Zimbabwe. The only way to avoid this, is to get rid of this toxic rubbish and move forward as a unified nation. What with the history of this country, and past and present atrocities, it is very easy to fan the flames of indignation and naked hate which is causing major division and the downfall of this country. Is this the legacy that people want to leave for future generations? George Sores couldn’t have created a more devastating scenario…….. or has he maybe got something to do with this chaos?

    • ian shaw

      But they think that Mugabe is the greatest African that has ever lived because he
      told off the British (read: whites), never mind starvation, joblessness, lack of goods, no valued money. About 5O% still votes for Mugabe.

      • Charles Scott

        That is exactly how their minds work. Don’t worry about the consequences, just show them who’s boss. And the Mugabe’s, Malema’s, Zuma’s and their ilk enjoy the incredible wealth that they accumulate at the expense of their own people of whom the majority will live in even worse squalor than they do now.Ask any of the thousands of Zimbabweans who have fled to SA, often risking their lives to get there.

        • ian shaw

          Charles, the sad fact is that about 5O% of Zimbabwe’s population still fervently supports Mugabe.

          • Charles Scott

            Ian, I doubt whether that percentage is correct. Mugabe has always used fear to control the masses. Educated Zimbabweans have seen through Mugabe a long time ago. Mugabe has for years used tools such as his veterans, (ex guerillas from the Rhodesian war) Majibas, who were young individuals from the rural areas who helped to fetch and carry for the guerillas and eventually become fighters themselves, and the Zimbabwe Central Intelligence Organization (CIO), the Fifth Brigade, an army unit who committed unspeakable atrocities against the Matabele people, to spy on and effect the arrest and incarceration of people who were perceived to have uttered anything which could be construed to be disrespectful about the ruling Zanu PF or Mugabe himself. Zuma is an Angel compared to Mugabe. Mugabe is a tyrant. If by chance you are a Zimbabwean, you would know these facts. Rural, uneducated folks are either bribed or the fear of of being identified as voting for an opposition party is instilled in them. As I said befor, speak to Zimbabweans who have fled to SA, in some cases risking their lives and on many occasions losing their lives when crossing the border illegally.

          • ian shaw

            Charles, Most of these facts are known and as you’ve said, the percentage that I mentioned may not be correct. The reason why in South Africa the Mugabe-approach so far did not occur, was
            the strong opposition, the strong constitution, the effective judiciary, the strong private sector, the strong treasury, and even a certain percentage of the ruling party which still tries to hold on to their long past glory, Some people say, that if push comes to shove, Zuma might try a scorched earth type of violence, but there is already a huge opposition to such acts and few think that South Africa will descend to Zimbabwe’s level.

  • CharlieTango

    JZ and the ANC are going to institute a new ANC party song and use the lyrics from Shaggy’s song – “It wasn’t me”.

  • MasterZu

    Everyone else but the President is wrong…..ha ha ha. Does this guy really think South Africans are stupid? Zuma and the ANC NEC should resign with immediate effect.

  • Sorry “buddy” but the common denominator in all of that is you. EVERYONE else is wrong?
    Narcissism 101, did they teach you that at Universifree?

  • bengine

    “He said that in South Africa, all the country’s money is still in white hands”
    Here is the danger of the statement – the money is in the hands of those it has always been in – and they are predominantly a very small white minority who screw everyone (white and black) for their own benefit. By lumping all whites into this he builds up hatred, divides the nation and leaves the real culprits laughing themselves silly as they continue to act with impunity.

    Not really a message one can convey to the masses – so I guess we are screwed.

    • Selwyn

      …….a very small white minotiry who screws everyone…????
      Whitey Basson screws everyone? He has spent his life building Shoprite /Checkers and who employ about 10,000 people.
      Donald Gordon screws everyone??? He took 50 years to build Liberty Life, from scratch. As a result he has built most of SA’s modern shopping Malls. Funded the Gordon Institute of Business Science, one of SA best business schools. He is directly and indirectly, responsible for over 50,000 jobs and many bursaries and scholarships.
      The Ruperts!. Anton was a school teacher who stared selling cigarettes —- the rest is history.
      Now flip the coin! Tokyo spend 5 years in government and quick quick owned ABSA. Cyril Ramaposa was a union leader and is now a billionaire in a few short years….and your future president.
      Don’t even Talk about the Guptas

      • bengine

        Wrong people.

      • Ray Mulder

        You don’t know very much about the world now, do You?

        • Selwyn

          Sure I do: from swart gevaar to colonialism to leo scousen to the Illuminati to George, gupta and even Zabotek. Also that the world is not flat and the moon is not cheese

  • Schrödinger’s Cat

    Everyone but himself. Just die

  • AfricanAfrikaner


  • DeShawnTerrell

    Those who Gods want to destroy (inevitable in Zuma’s case), they first make him crazy! – A Greek philosopher I think.

  • Willem V Bosch

    Someone needs to open a can of “Doom” on this guy!

  • Jacobus Pienaars

    He left Van Riebeeck out!

  • Reality_Bites

    I suppose his supports swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Not a brain cell among them.

  • Magic Mushroom

    I just cannot get my head around how this guy operates? How does he sleep at night?

  • Robert Keene

    A very silly and ill-informed man!

  • Joe Black

    haha “Notably, Zuma was trying to instil in his supporters that the government needed to have full control over the country’s finances in order to ensure economic freedom for all.”

    If the government controls the entire economy then how can anybody be economically free? Does he know what free means? Do they actually think he’s trying to do them a favor – I mean dang… he’s not even trying to hide that he wants to exlude all citizens from owning stakes in the economy – Because that is what full government control means.

  • Egor Oussov

    Must spray Zuma with Doom to clear him of evil spirits lol

  • Erlo Muhl

    • If you do not have much substance and integrity. Even those that helped you into your position are now culprits that want to drown you. Start realizing you are a tool used to break the backbone of our country. Please wake up before it is too late and retire before you might be retired by one of your own previous forces that supported you.

  • Erlo Muhl

    • If you do not have much substance and integrity. Even those that helped you into your position are now culprits that want to drown you. Start realizing you are a tool used to break the backbone of our country. Please wake up before it is too late and retire before you might be retired by one of your own previous forces that supported you.

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