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5 things you need to know in South Africa today

5 things you need to know in South Africa today

Here’s what is happening in and affecting South Africa today:

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  • MP3

    The ANC is just bad for the country.

  • mccdyl001

    Define: rupture
    [ruhp-cher] (verb) to break or burst.

    ANCYL, please don’t break our economy. Its having a hard enough time as it is…

  • Sennen Goroshi

    To be honest I want the ANC to push forward Dlamini-Zuma this will ensure the downward spiral of the ANC through to 2019.

    if they select anyone different who probably has even an ounce of integrity will have some positive outlook on their support. SA doesn’t need that, we don’t need the ANC to remain in power past the 2019 elections.

    2 more years ppl, just keep holding on.

    • MP3

      whilst i tend to agree, the problem is we’re already financially burdened and this will just ensure that those struggling to make ends meet will lose the most… which to be honest i don’t want to have to deal with

      • Sennen Goroshi

        true but if we haven’t hit rock bottom, we will soon and if the ANC continues to rule we will remain at rock bottom. However should the government change or at least have a government that cares for the country and it’s ppl then we will only move up.

        we don’t have much of a choice but to brace ourselves.

    • I dont know better

      I do not think the ANC will lose 2019, no matter how bad their choice of President is. If anything, this municipal election will scare ANC supporters who may not have voted, into voting.

      I think the time for the ANC to lose is more like 2024.

      However, I would love to see the ANC out of power in 2019. Our country sure needs it.

      • Sennen Goroshi

        that depends on which angle you are looking at it, from the ground folks most ppl are fed up, the problem is that the ppl who are fed choose not to vote instead. You are correct though that they might not lose, but there are some possibilities that they will lose 1 or 2 provinces (not counting western cape, they’ll never get that one back)

        what could also happen is that they could lose enough votes and give EFF and the DA a boost in parliamentary seats and ANC lose the outright majority in parly.

        personally I want the 3 parties to have a near Mexican stand-off type of thing. This way no one has the outright majority to do as they please in parly and to keep each other in check.

      • Solly Mothabela

        The problem is those voters is the party is busy confusing them on a daily basis. They don’t want to vote for the status quo to remain. They want change but it looks like change is currently the most difficult assignment for the party.

  • Mo

    ANCYL’s choice is obvious … it’s Hlaudi (cue chorus singers)

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