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ANC’s ‘manufactured outrage’ scared off Taiwanese investors: Msimanga

ANC’s ‘manufactured outrage’ scared off Taiwanese investors: Msimanga

Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga says that the ANC-led government’s outrage over his trip to Taiwan was completely manufactured, and unsettled potential Taiwanese investors.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Msimanga said that he has email evidence of communication between his office and the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) showing that he had permission to go on the trip – and claims that he was only warned 5 minutes before his flight against going.

Further, the DA mayor said that he was fully aware of the sensitivity surrounding the politics involved, and made a point to steer clear of any political talk, focusing on building investment relationships.

He added that the government’s reaction to his trip was political, and had ‘spooked’ some 120 Taiwanese investors, who reportedly told him they were unsure of whether or not it was safe for them to come to South Africa.

Dirco previously lashed out at Msimanga for going on the trip, saying that he was warned against going as it went against South Africa’s foreign policies.

According to South Africa’s foreign policy, government recognises ‘One China’, with Taiwan still seen as a Chinese state. Taiwan, however, views itself as an independent country all its own.

Dirco said that going to Taiwan in his personal capacity, or as a member of the DA was fine – but as an official representing the South African government, the move was ill-advised.

The ANC said that Msimanga’s trip amounted to treason, and called for his diplomatic passport to be revoked.

However many follow-up reports in the media pointed out that, not only had the DA long had investment talks with Taiwan, the South African government, too, has on a number of occasions been to Taiwan on the same mission.

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  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    Since the Zuma criminals can never find any real dirt on the DA leadership they keep making a big noise about nothing, making a total fools of themselves in the process.

    • Solly Mothabela

      The problem is the ZANC president sleeps in places not controlled by his party. Nkandla run by the IFP, Tshwane run by the DA and Cape Town respectively. When thee is a water and lights problem or a pothole for that matter he has to report to the opposition. And the painful thing is yhey remind him that the failures are his.

  • lino_lupus

    I just think that Taiwanese investors are far more intelligent to not see through the ANC barrage of lies……

  • Mo

    As far as I can tell, working with Taiwan is not a problem. The only touchy subject with China is support of it’s independence. So what exactly is the problem with investment?

    • samoan_tiger

      If their pockets don’t benefit then its quite obvious.

  • Madimetsha

    The Tshwane ANC mandate this year is to sabotage DA.

    • Solly Mothabela

      And thd the DA mandate is to clean up the mess left by the ANC . Thf nice part is during the cleaning some re goinb to be exposed and thus face lengthy prison sentences. And the population will see through the lies it was fed for the past 22 years.

    • Brian

      Yup… all about party politics and gaining power, not about what’s best for SA and the people.

  • Riaan

    The ANC desperately need the people to remain poor. Poor people are their support base.

  • ANC All political. All mouth and trousers! Not a business brain in sight and showing this everywhere.

  • Ubaba meet Baba

    The ANC……Proudly throwing South Africans under the bus since 1994.

  • Joe Black

    They were pandering to China. Just like with the Dalai Lama incident. The West is often accused of providing aid under conditions, but China is absolute about its stance on its borders (you know the ones that empire keeps wanting to shift)

  • Brian

    Nice move zANC, when SA is desperate for jobs.

  • the-TRUTH

    Ek is gatvol of ANC’s constant manufactured propaganda

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