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We don’t hate whites, we’re just stating facts: Zuma

We don’t hate whites, we’re just stating facts: Zuma

President Jacob Zuma has responded to FF Plus leader Pieter Groenewald who asked Zuma why he continually “blamed white people” for the problems in the country.

Speaking at the official State of the Nation Debate in parliament on Wednesday (16 February) Groenewald asked the following of Zuma:

“President Zuma: what have you got against white people in South Africa?”

“You are using white people as a scapegoat to hide your inability as a government. If you want economic growth, put a moratorium on all black economic empowerment policies and affirmative action.”

Groenewald’s main gripe was with the portion of Zuma’s SONA, where he addressed the need for land reform, noting that most of the land in South Africa – especially that which can be used commercially – is in the hands of the few, pointing to the white minority.

In his SONA reply on Thursday, Zuma gave an official response to Groenewald, saying “we (the ANC) don’t hate whites, we’re just stating facts.”

“We’re not pointing at the colour, we’re describing the situation. If this is not resolved, it could explode one day,” he said.

“It will be wise to disabuse yourself from the tendency that when we talk about land and those who own land; you think it’s because of hatred.”

“Saying we hate whites won’t make us stop talking about the land issue,” he said.  Unlike other countries, South Africa would use the constitution to address the issue.

“Let’s just find a formula to rectify the problem. We all need enough space to live together. This is not racialism.”

The president went on to say that radical economic transformation, of which affirmative action and BEE form a part, are part of healing the divisions of the past.

“White compatriots will be part of this process as it will assist us to achieve a truly united, non-racial and prosperous society,” he said.

Read: ‘President Zuma: what have you got against white people?’

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  • OWL

    Two-faced snake tongued liar.

  • david

    Check please

  • Quentin Campbell

    It’s now going on for 23 years. I guess Zuma has a problem with that formula: 10 plus 10 and 3 years.

  • the-TRUTH

    No Mr Liar Zuma,
    We know that you and many of ANComrades don’t like whites
    But ironically you want the money and wealth of those whites
    We are gatvol of you and ANComrades double standards
    Stop making hollow speeches and resign with immediate effect
    Anyways, #ANCMustFall in 2019 during elections
    We are prepared to #VoteForDA in 2019 as long your ANC or the EFF is not in power
    Now shut the hell up…

  • Lone Stranger

    We all know what lie this is. The MP’s insulted white people in Parliament countless times. They are also quick to jump in when there is white against black racism, but keep quite when there is black on white racism. Their actions don’t support their answer.

  • Rixxi

    “.. it could explode one day”. Veiled threats again from the most incompetent president in the world. Luckily for Zuma and his kind, it didn’t “explode” in 1994 – which would have solved the ANC issue for good.

  • John Phoenix

    Demographics is destiny, it’s childlike in its reasoning, I’m bigger than you, I have more backing, so I’m gonna pick on someone smaller than me. The beautiful spot of earth called South Africa is under the watchful eye of men and women who think and act like 10 year olds. The average preschooler doesn’t plan for tomorrow, lies through his teeth and steps out the water at the first sign of trouble, sound familiar?

  • Tuesday Is Soylent Green Day

    Except your “facts” are 99% BS

  • Michael

    lies and more lies

  • MP3

    speaking with a forked tongue… the increase in farm murders and attacks just in the last week is clear indication that there is a hidden movement targeting hate filled crimes against whites…

    also what does he mean explode? full on land invasions like zim? look how that turned out, zim is a humanitarian disaster caused by blacks for the other blacks because they can’t stand whites and success that follows them… jealousy in simple terms…

    they’re free of white monopoly and also anything that can uplift their lives, well done… now you imply you want to do the same in SA? blacks and whites need to accept that they need each other, a mutually beneficial system, not skewed to any one side… that is the winning argument.

  • He speak with forked tongue! The mere fact of the content of almost whatever he has to say bares this out!
    I seriously doubt his ability to understand a fact!!

    • YouDontEvenKnowMe

      Iq of around 70?

  • Wurnman

    Explain how you will deal with BFL movement… or is that a sub section of your government.

  • Justice Peace

    Groenewald did not accuse zuma of hating whites at all.

  • Susan Storm

    The days of fact-based information to govern this country is over and we are in reality one more racist moment away from a full blown war as the leaders continue with their plan to eradicate the white man – South Africa is a violent, dangerous country teethering precariously on a knifes edge – it has turned into a propaganda war against the minority, were truth does not matter and to besmirch the opposition parties and anyone who raises their voices against them the norm, including fake twitter and facebook accounts, all deployed to cast aspersions of those that have taken them on – and blaming all that is wrong with the country on the past. The fact remains that since Zuma became president in 2009 he has failed to grow the economy, to create jobs, to accelerate transformation or improve education in South Africa.
    1) Employment at 27.1% but then if you add the ones that have given up looking for a job its over 37%.
    2) There have been 79,696 claims since 1994 against the land from people that were previously dispossessed of land after 19 June 1913 as result of racially discriminatory laws or practices – 90% of these land claimants took money instead of land, 82% of the claims were for urban land and 18% were for rural land.
    If you look at the land that the government owns out of 1,214,470 km’s of South Africa’s surface, according to the land survey handed to parliament – the government owns 1,149,219.42 km’s which also includes the homelands, with private persons owning 9,260.30 km’s and organisations owning 5,114.84 km’s and then tribal authorities owning 50,875.44 km’s – Zuma says land is 6% black owned.
    3) Whites earn more than blacks – this information was presented as an estimate with 23,380 household being involved in the survey out of over 16 million households in South Africa – where in their survey did they give a percentage of how many people of race they actually interviewed.
    4) In 1992 the white population was 4,275,000 and in 2016 the stats released were 4,515,800 white population – so in 24 years the white population has grown by 240,800 with 1,391,690 births and 890,000 deaths – 2,221,682 living and working in other countries, which they include in the stats.
    5) Zuma said in his speech that JSE is only 10% black owned?- 12.8% alone is owned by the government with the Public Investment Corporation for the government employees pension fund without looking into the other companies.

    • John Phoenix

      This is the business, no feelings, no ego, just facts, black ink on white paper. Thank you.

  • Erlo Muhl

    One does not take anything that belongs to somebody else otherwise you are stealing. No body stops anybody to sell what is his registered property to the highest bidder. This is the only fact that exists anybody doing away with this is a full blown thieve.

  • Erlo Muhl

    Some people dig their own graves with huge Backacters.

  • MelcolmX

    “Alternative facts” from a party that represents only one indiginous group in SA.

    • Erlo Muhl

      Just a destortet fact!

  • Erlo Muhl

    The reconciliation will be difficult with the distorted facts that are barked out!

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