‘Wherever you see land that you like, take it’ – Julius Malema

 ·28 Feb 2017

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have on Tuesday tabled a motion in Parliament requesting an amendment that would enable expropriation of land without compensation.

EFF leader Julius Malema said: “This is a motion that seeks to unite black people in the country. If leadership was united this wouldn’t be a problem.”

He said that it can’t be that 75% of the land is still owned by white people. “We remain a conquered nation because of this.”

Malema said that no white person would understand this call because they don’t know how it is to be landless. “Many people died without knowing how a title deed looks like and yet we say South Africa belongs to all who live in it.

“Let us change the constitution now. Let us give our people their land back,” Malema said.

Malema also commented on President Jacob Zuma’s controversial statement that South Africa will change its laws to allow government to expropriate land without compensation.

“Our president Zuma said we must expropriate land with no compensation last week. Why are you defying him? You’re defying your president because you only subdue to white rule and will never listen to any view opposing whites.

“South Africa has now seen you for what you are. You are a walking contradiction. You’re now exposed,” Malema said.

Earlier in February, president Zuma sent the expropriation bill back to the National Assembly for review.

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