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State security minister says Gordhan must produce ‘intelligence report’

State security minister says Gordhan must produce ‘intelligence report’

State Security minister David Mahlobo says that the neither the ANC government nor president Jacob Zuma have made any reference to a so-called “intelligence report”, which was said to be used as reasoning to fire former finance minister Pravin Gordhan.

Speaking in an interview with ANN7, Mahlobo said that it was Gordhan himself who raised the issue of the report, and should present it to government for further scrutiny.

The minister said that if he had known about any report he would have requested to see it, and would have questioned where it came from. To date, he said he has not received any official report.

Following his axing in March 2017, Gordhan held a press conference where he raised a piece of “mysterious text” which was presented as a “so-called intelligence report”.

According to Gordhan, the report claimed that he, his former deputy Mcebisi Jonas were part of a conspiracy to undermine the economy of South Africa.

The report was explicitly mentioned by high-ups in the ANC, including deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa and secretary general Gwede Mantashe, as part of the reasons president Zuma presented axed the finance minister.

The report was also acknowledged by the ANC itself.

However, in court proceedings, in which the DA was seeking to get an order that the president make the report available, the presidency did an about-turn, denying that such a report ever existed.

Instead, the president’s legal team demanded that the DA furnish the report.

The Gupta-owned ANN7 reported that Gordhan was “flaunting a fake report”. The media group quoted Mahlobo as calling the report “bogus”.

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  • Lone Stranger

    The stupidity. It actually burns.

  • keithbe

    Just when you think they can’t possibly sink any lower…bam!

  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    The Zuma criminals are not even embarassed anymore to openly show what liars they are, the only thing more pathetic are those who still believe these criminals.

  • Prometheus_Revisited

    Well when Mantashe explicitly says that that putting the country above the ANC is problematic, he implies that the ANC MP’s oath of office is worthless. Lying just comes naturally and has become part of the ANC DNA.

  • Bob

    Beware, danger of spontaneously combusting trousers!

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